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    High School: Gospel Life

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    The Kossuth high school group, "Gospel Life," focuses on how the gospel works in and through us. For the 2016-17 school year, Gospel Life meets in the Kossuth youth room from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on the second Sunday each month. 

    High school students also meet after each Kossuth Family Gathering (first Sunday of the month) for "Dinner After," a relaxed hang out time hosted by a KSBC family or at an area restaurant. 

    What to expect from the Gospel Life group:

    • Expect to be challenged... particularly in how you think about the gospel and about life.

    • Expect the Holy Spirit... to prompt change and growth in your life. Relax and trust him.

    • Expect your group's agenda to include... open, give-and-take discussion and prayer.

    • Expect struggle... We are all people who really need Jesus every day. The Gospel Life group is made up of people who wrestle with sin and have problems--people just like you!

    • Expect a group leader... who desires to serve you, but who also needs Jesus as much as you do. 

    ​From The Gospel-Centered Life for Teens. Serge, 2014.
    Director of Family Ministry