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    High School: Gospel Life

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    The Kossuth high school group, "Gospel Life," encourages students to center their lives on Jesus and the gospel. Gospel Life follows the "Midweek at Kossuth" schedule and meets on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 p.m. 

    High school students also meet after each Kossuth Family Gathering (typically the first Sunday of the month) for "Dinner After," a relaxed hangout time hosted by a KSBC family or at an area restaurant. 

    What to expect from the Gospel Life group:

    • Expect to be challenged... particularly in how you think about the gospel and about life.

    • Expect the Holy Spirit... to prompt change and growth in your life. Relax and trust him.

    • Expect your group's agenda to include... open, give-and-take discussion and prayer.

    • Expect struggle... We are all people who really need Jesus every day. The Gospel Life group is made up of people who wrestle with sin and have problems--people just like you!

    • Expect a group leader... who desires to serve you, but who also needs Jesus as much as you do.* 

    *From The Gospel-Centered Life for Teens. Serge, 2014.
    Director of Family Ministry