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    ThuThursdayJanJanuary21st2016 Excel Graduation Update
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    December was a very busy month for our church. I wanted to personally say a huge “WELL DONE!!!” to everyone who prayed for and volunteered with my school, the Excel Center. My school is an Indiana charter school that is also funded through Goodwill. It is a place where older youth and adults can earn their high school diploma for free (including child care). I teach math there, and have for one year. I praise God for my “mission field” right here in Lafayette.

    Now, I’d like to brag on the church a bit. The school needed a venue to host our graduation, and KSBC went far above and beyond!! We had over 25 people donate desserts for the graduation reception. We had over 30 people volunteer at the graduation. The volunteer positions ranged from serving punch to talking with our visitors. The overwhelming reaction that I received from my coworkers, students, and their families, was that our church people were genuinely kind and sincere. They were amazed by the receptions (totally unprecedented and unexpected), the decorations (blown away), the food (Baptists can Bake!), and the warm kindness of each volunteer. The church was packed, and it thrilled my heart that it was packed with many people who had never set foot inside a church before. 

    The Outreach team planned to strategically follow up graduation by blessing the graduates who were parents. Volunteers from the church bought presents for eleven families. The families gave us a general wish list, and then church member volunteer shoppers went to work. My care group, along with other volunteers wrapped gifts and visited with the students when they picked up their items. I got chills that day, seeing my students, the grads, visiting with members of our church. And several of the students were moved to tears when they saw the gifts. Three times, different families exclaimed that the exact kind of toy was purchased that their child wanted (although it hadn’t been specified for on the wish list). It was small things like this that reinforced that this was a worthy effort. 

    Many, many seeds were planted. Please pray for two students in particular, we’ll call them T and A. T wants to become a teacher, but is struggling to make ends meet. She is open to coming to church, but has conflicts with work. Please pray that she and her family will become regular attendees. Also, A is going to ship out with the military in about two months. She is a single mom, and her parents are going to watch her son. Again, they are struggling to make ends meet, and they were very open at Christmas. Please pray for opportunities for A and the other students we made contact with to come to know the Lord.

    Our goal was to glorify God by showing these students the love of Christ through the church. I genuinely feel that the goal was reached, and I believe that we will have many more opportunities in the months to come. Thank you SO much!!!

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