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    ThuThursdaySepSeptember10th2015 Project Summary
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    Hello Church family! This summer I asked for your prayers concerning the opportunity I had to go down to Galveston, Texas for two months. I was a part of Project Galveston, which is a program put on by the Houston, TX Campus Outreach. The focus of this project is to help college students learn to walk with God. On this project 41 of the 54 students had come to Christ during college! All of us lived in the same apartment complex. Being in a community full of new believers was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. The community was very evangelistically focused, and we saw many people come to Christ through the witness of our ministry!

    For this project I was given the role of a discipleship leader. I was assigned to live in a two bedroom apartment with seven other girls. The girls who shared that same room with me were the ones I discipled. Their names are Abby, Allison, and Genesis. I couldn’t have been blessed with a better group of girls. Personality-wise, these girls were very easy to get along with because we had so much in common. When you first meet them they seem shy, but once you get to know them they are sassy, sarcastic, and share my love for pranks. These girls had all been saved for less than two years and were very eager to learn whatever I had to teach them.

    The area I grew most in on this trip was discipleship. I have “discipled” girls before, but I have always led them through a Bible study and maybe asked a few accountability questions about devotional time or sin, but for project we catered each one-on-one time to the individual. I met with each of these girls once a week, and also led them in a small group once a week. Each week I would plan out the Scriptures I would take them to and the questions I would ask. I really learned how to assess where someone is at spiritually, where they could grow, and how I could help them get there.

    My typical day would look like a rally in the morning, which could be anywhere from leadership training, evangelism training, a message from the Bible, worship, or a few other focuses, and then in the afternoon I went into work. Wednesdays and Sundays were our days off from work. On Wednesdays the whole project would have a fellowship night. These nights often required goodwill trips to pick out some odd clothing to fit occasions such as tacky prom, beach Olympics, and theme night roller blading. The theme my group was assigned on the roller blading night was punk rock. On Sunday nights we had community events where we went around to every door in the apartment complex and invited our neighbors to a pool party and grill out each week. These events were always well attended and fostered many relationships between us and the community around us.

    For my job I worked at a zip line and ropes course with three other girls from project. Our coworkers were curious about our beliefs right from the get go. On the first day I had the chance to share the gospel with my supervisor when he asked me “So…what do you believe in.” On the last day another of our supervisors said to me, “I wish y’all weren’t leaving. You’re the only ones who don’t complain.” The people at our job became very dear to our hearts and we were so excited to have had the opportunity to be a witness of Christ and his love to them.

    There’s much more I could say but as they say in Texas, thank y’all! Your support both prayerfully and financially was a huge blessing!

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