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    WedWednesdayJunJune17th2015 Coming Soon: Welcome the World!
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    You can be part of learning about God’s heart for his people right here at home. From July 25 through August 1, Salt & Light Christian Fellowship is hosting a program known as “Welcome the World!” This is an opportunity for people from other churches in the United States to join with Kossuth in the work God has given us to do among the nations right here in the Greater Lafayette area ... a short-term cross-cultural experience of sorts.

    The program involves several different aspects of Christian living and service which are important to the discipleship process:

    1. Learning. Each day there will be teaching on cross-cultural competency and ministry. This will include Bible teaching and cultural presentations from international friends.
    2. Eating. Each day cultural meals will be served which will remind the participants of the places they have heard about in the cultural presentations.
    3. Service. Coming alongside the SLCF ministry team to prepare the facility the Lord has entrusted to us as a ministry location for the coming school year through deep-cleaning and “turn over” as residents move out and preparation is made for new students.
    4. Engagement. Throughout the week there will be opportunities to interact with students/scholars who interact with SLCF in some way.

    How can you be involved in the Welcome the World! program?

    1. Participate. If you are able, clear your calendar for all or part of the week of July 26 when most of the work will take place. Join the community of believers coming from other states to get to know and work alongside fellow believers.
    2. Provide. If you are unable to participate by giving many hours, please help by providing a meal. SLCF can provide the funds to purchase the materials ... all you need to do is the shopping and the preparation.
    3. Pray. Please pray that the Lord will use this week in the lives of those who are coming and those whose lives will be touched as a result.
    ThuThursdayJunJune11th2015 New Member Spotlight (06/11/2015)
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    The membership ministry team would like to welcome Matt & Tanya Niewedde, Anthony “Tony” & Jenessa Trudnowski and Jonathan Bruce as our newest Kossuth members. They were voted in as full members at the May 31 worship service.  

    Matt and Tanya were past Kossuth members before moving to Arkansas in 2013 for a job promotion with Matt’s employer Eco-Lab. Matt and Tanya have since moved back to Lafayette due to Matt’s job and are rejoining the Kossuth family. Tanya is a stay at home mom to their one-and-a-half year-old daughter Emma. They are regular attenders and involved in the Abound Connection Group and Rummel care group. Matt is also the Assistant-coach for the KSBC Men’s Softball Team.

    Tony and Jenessa are originally from Billings, Montana and have been attending Kossuth since February 2015 after moving to Lafayette. Tony is a test engineer with Cook Research Inc. in West Lafayette and Jenessa is a stay at home mom to their two daughters, Brynlee (three years old) and Paige (one year old). They are regular attenders and involved in the E3 Connection Group.

    Jonathan is originally from Lewisville Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Jonathan moved to Lafayette to attend Purdue University and has been attending Kossuth since December 2013. He is currently a graduate student at Purdue working toward his Master’s Degree in Communication. Jonathan is a regular attender and involved in the Dillon care group, and he is engaged to be married on June 27, 2015, to fellow Kossuth Member Kimberly Weirs.

    Please introduce yourself as you see Matt, Tanya, Tony, Jenessa and Jonathan and welcome them to our church family. 

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