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    TueTuesdaySepSeptember23rd2014 Caring for Orphans: A Special Partnership
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    Kossuth has been actively caring for AIDS orphans since 2001. In partnership with Bethesda Outreach Ministries, we have invested in various and multiple ways to help children whose parents have died from AIDS to be raised in a God-centered home and school. Dozens of our church family have made the trip to Bethesda in South Africa to learn, help, and be significantly impacted by what God is doing there. We have sent members of our church to work there, currently Tonya Small is serving as the school Administrator, and I am being asked to return to serve on the governing Board.

    On Sunday, October 19, six KSBCers plan to travel to Bethesda to encourage and strengthen our partnership with Bethesda and the work of caring for AIDS orphans. Mikel and Jessica Berger, Daryl and Allison Starr and Don and Sue Whipple are planning to participate in this trip. It will be the first time to Bethesda for the Starrs and the Bergers. Please pray for this group as we are hoping to learn much about orphan ministry and culture, encourage Tonya and the staff, serve in any way we can, and bring back to KSBC a greater understanding and urgency regarding AIDS orphans and our partnership with Bethesda.

    In addition to your prayers and encouragement for those going, you can help fill a suitcase with items that we will deliver to Tonya Small and another missionary teacher Heather Rumley. A list of suggested items with instructions for collecting them can be found here. Look for a suitcase displayed in the foyer at church for the next few Sundays where you can drop off your contributions.

    Please take time individually or as a family to check out the Bethesda website at to become more familiar and involved with our partnership to provide care and hope for these orphaned children. 

    ThuThursdaySepSeptember18th2014 Welcome the World
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    [Editor’s Note:  Nine people from Ohio and Pennsylvania came to Crosswalk Commons for a cross-cultural short-term service opportunity at the end of July. This report is from one of the participants in this year’s team, Joy Brandt from Ohio. Would you consider participating with next year’s team?]

    My sister, my brother, and I had the privilege of being a part of Welcome the World 2014 at Purdue University this past summer. There are 8,700 international students at Purdue University from 125 different countries. About 70 or so of the international students stay at Crosswalk Commons, which is a residence community on the Purdue campus.

    As a part of Welcome the World we stayed at Crosswalk Commons and interacted with the students living there. A typical day started with breakfast at 8:00 a.m. followed by a Bible study. The purpose of our stay at Crosswalk was to help get the rooms ready for the new students coming in the fall. The Welcome the World missions group split up into two teams and went to work. A typical work day was spent cleaning the rooms from top to bottom. We scrubbed the bathrooms, the kitchen and appliances, the bedrooms, and the living rooms. Think of a good old fashioned spring cleaning and that’s what we did to several rooms every day. The Crosswalk Commons rooms were not all empty so we got to meet some of the students who are living there. When the work day was done we would listen to a presentation by one of the students about their country before we had our supper.

    We all greatly enjoyed our time helping prepare the Commons for the international students. Before this missions trip we had never spent much time with people from different countries. It was very rewarding to know we had done some much needed work for Crosswalk and we were blessed in in the process by making new friends and learning about the world.

    ThuThursdaySepSeptember11th2014 Back in Full Swing
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    Family vacations are over. Summer camps have finished. County fairs are behind us. And homework is already starting to accumulate. All that can only mean one thing: it’s time to get back into the full swing of youth and family ministry at Kossuth. It has been a great summer, but we’re eager to dive back into the regular routine of ministry now that fall has arrived. In case you’re not too familiar with what’s going on, here’s a quick peek at the ways we’re seeking to minister to teens and their families:

    Gospel Academy. Every Wednesday night at 6:30pm, a loyal band of candy-crazed middle school students shows up at the church to learn about theology and perfect their skills in the sport of chair soccer. This semester we’re studying about the church, helping the students see how vital the church is to the redemptive plan of God and building their appreciation for the local church that God has given them.

    Hot Topics. Beginning this Sunday evening, we’re kicking off a new opportunity for high school students that will take place at 6:00pm on the second Sunday of every month. We’re calling it “Hot Topics,” and it has nothing to do with the store in the mall. It’s a focused time we’re setting aside to engage in dialogue about important (and perhaps controversial) issues that teenagers need to learn how to think about.

    Student/Parent Meetings. One of the highlights of working with parents and teens is the monthly meeting where the middle school and high school students get together with their parents for an evening of shared learning. It’s always a blast to open up doors of conversation for families and watch what happens. Our first meeting of the fall is coming up on Sunday, September 21 at 6:00pm.

    Events. Sprinkled throughout the fall are events designed to help our students grow in their friendships with one another. Our first event is this weekend, a bonfire for all 6-12 graders and their families at the home of Scott and Melisa Van Der Aa. We’ll have games, food, and even some music this year. (Rumor has it that Scott is going to perform some original songs for the group.) And just around the corner in October is our third annual "Nerf Night,"which is always a big hit (literally...lots of gets get hit with Nerf darts).

    Sunday School. This past Sunday we kicked off a new quarter in both the middle school and high school classes. We’re diving into the book of Joshua right now, as we launch into our second year of using Treasuring Christ Curriculum. We have a great rotation of teachers in these two classes who love to engage teenagers with the truth of God’s word on a weekly basis.

    So even if you’re not a teenager or the parent of a teenager, we want you to be informed and excited about what’s going on. Pray for the students, parents, and ministry volunteers who will be engaged this year. We hope to see God do big things!

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