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    ThuThursdayJunJune12th2014 New Member Spotlight (06/12/2014)
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    The Membership Ministry Team would like to welcome Zach & Audra Martin as new Kossuth members. They were voted in as full members at the June Family Gathering.

    Zach and Audra began attending Kossuth in August, 2013, and are regular attenders and involved with the Beloved Connection Group and the Starr Care Group. Zach was also baptized at KSBC in April 2014. He works as a dealer manager for Becks Hybrids Seed Company. Audra works part-time in the office at VonderHeide/Knecht Law Firm and is a homemaker and mother to son Shiloh (8 months).

    Please introduce yourself as you see Zach & Audra and welcome them to the KSBC family.
    TueTuesdayJunJune10th2014 The Inclusive Gospel
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    I hope you'll join us during the last three Sundays of June as we walk through a short sermon series at Kossuth called "The Inclusive Gospel." I'm praying that God will challenge, encourage, unsettle, provoke, and refresh us in the all the ways that only he can through the ministry of his word. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store:

    ThuThursdayJunJune5th2014 A Weekend to Remember
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    Editor's Note: This article appears in connection with the upcoming Kossuth Summer School class, "The Art of Marriage," which will be using materials from Family Life. Visit for more information about Kossuth Summer School and to register for a class.

    A few months ago Rich Bender recommended to a few of us praying together on Wednesday night that we should attend a Weekend to Remember marriage conference if we ever got the chance. I tucked that bit of information away and didn't give it much thought again until Mitti asked me one evening if I'd like to go to one of these Family Life conferences being held in Indianapolis. After some discussion, we decided that it would be a profitable weekend that would help us as we continue to grow in our relationship together as husband and wife.

    The conference material was excellent and the presentation was never boring. One repeated theme at the conference was that men and women communicate differently, almost like two different languages at times. Of course, we all know that, right? But the speakers went beyond telling us that we speak different languages; they gave us a crash course in understanding those foreign languages! There were many other helpful topics as well: developing intimacy in your relationship, dealing with conflict, separate men's and women's issues, etc. And finally, the Weekend to Remember was a good time to slip away from the daily responsibilities of life to listen to each other, to learn together, and to pray with each other.

    Yes, it was definitely a weekend to Remember!

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