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    ThuThursdayMayMay22nd2014 Growing Families 2014
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    This past weekend we had our annual Growing Families celebration, an event for parents of children who have been born or adopted during the last 12 months. This year, we had a group of six families participate. On Saturday evening, we gathered for dinner at the church to connect with one another, pass babies around the room, and spend time talking about practical ways to grow as parents. On Sunday morning, both the parents and the congregation formally affirmed their intentions to invest in the lives of these young children and point them toward Jesus. Both of these components are key ways that we memorialize and celebrate God's goodness to our church by growing the families in our midst.

    If you missed the ceremony on Sunday morning, take a moment to meet the kids and pray for their families:

    Kayleigh Elizabeth
    Born: July 18, 2013
    Parents: Jon & Annie
    Parental Prayer: “Our prayer is that Kayleigh will grow into a woman who loves and serves the Lord with all of her heart.”

    Shiloh Elijah
    Born: October 5, 2013
    Parents: Zach & Audra
    Parental Prayer: “We pray that Shiloh will grow in wisdom, kindness, compassion, and love; that he will learn to serve the Lord faithfully, and have a daily relationship with Him.”

    Huxley Duane
    Born: December 11, 2013
    Parents: Tom & Amber
    Parental Prayer: “Dear God, we pray you will draw Huxley to you and help him grow in his understanding and love for you. Give us the wisdom and eagerness to teach your word.” 

    Braxton Timothy
    Born: January 2, 2014
    Parents: Jamie & Corina
    Parental Prayer: “We thank God for bringing Braxton into our lives and we pray that he will grow up knowing and trusting the Lord.”

    Langston Thomas
    Born: January 8, 2014
    Parents: Drew & Elizabeth
    Parental Prayer: “We pray that Langston will fulfill every purpose God has appointed for him, and that he will do so in joyful submission to the lordship of Jesus Christ.”

    Caleb Christopher
    Born: April 19, 2014
    Parents: Chris & Krista
    Parental Prayer: “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you (Deut. 31:6).”
    WedWednesdayMayMay21st2014 Sunday School Promotion
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    As we wrap up another school year, it's time to turn our attention toward Sunday school and children's church promotion. In one sense, moving children from classroom to the next is simply a practical step we take to manage class sizes and learning abilities. But in another sense, this is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the growth of our children as they progress in the knowledge of the gospel. Promotion season is an exciting time of year!

    Below, you'll find a table which outlines the promotion schedule for the coming months. There are two key Sundays to be aware of: June 1 and September 7. On June 1, we will promote students into the K/1 class, the 2-3 grade class, the 4-5 grade class, and the middle/high school classes. On September 7, we will promote students into the 3s class and the 4s class. So if you're the parent of a child (whether 2-year-old or teenager), you'll want to make sure you understand this table. And since all of this can be a bit confusing, please don't hesitate to contact me if you need help figuring out where your child needs to go.

    WedWednesdayMayMay14th2014 New Member Spotlight (05/14/2014)
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    The Membership Ministry Team would like to welcome Rich & Hanna Bender as new Kossuth members. They were voted in as full members at the May Family Gathering.  

    Rich and Hanna grew up in the Lafayette area, but now make their home in Monticello, Indiana. They have been attending Kossuth for the last year. Rich & Hanna are regular attenders and involved in the Jubilee Connection Group and Humphrey Care Group. Rich is a graduate of Cedarville University and is an Electrical Engineer working at Girtz Industries in Monticello, and Hanna is a homemaker raising their children Brenden (12), Logan (11), Morgan (8) Jackson (7), Bella (3) and Sophie (1 ½).

    Please introduce yourself as you see Rich& Hanna and welcome them to the KSBC family. 

    ThuThursdayMayMay1st2014 Summer Heats Up
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    After such a cold winter, the coming summer heat may be a welcome change (at least for a while). Opportunities to serve during the summer will also heat up. There will be many opportunities to welcome the new international students who will be arriving. 

    The first opportunity to serve is during the short-term service trip we are hosting, called "Welcome the World 2014". People from a church in Ohio and maybe Pennsylvania and Virginia will be here from July 21-27. Their primary task will be to clean up the suites in Crosswalk Commons and prepare them for the incoming students. Would you be willing to be a part of the work team coming from out of town and assist in doing the work of cleaning the suites? Or, could you provide part of a dinner one of the nights? Or, could you host people from the service team in your home, providing a bed and bathroom (no meals required)? If you can assist in any of these ways, please click here to fill out a simple form and submit it to us.

    Another opportunity to serve is to provide up to three days of temporary housing for an international student whose dormitory or apartment is not yet ready. The dates for this are approximately August 1 - 15. If you can host for up to three days anytime within those dates, fill out this simple form and submit it to us.

    A third opportunity to serve is to host two to six students at your home for a meal and tour on Saturday, August 30. This involves picking up the students at Crosswalk Commons at 10am that morning and having them back to campus by 2pm. In between you will serve them a meal at your home and show them around important sites in Lafayette and West Lafayette (e.g. supermarkets, post office). If you can do this, please let us know by clicking here.

    Finally, you can be an International Friendship Family, which means you sign up to take ONE international student to be your special friend during the first semester they are at Purdue. This program is sponsored by Purdue's International Students and Scholars Office, and it involves attending a one-hour orientation run by a representative from Purdue. Then in September Purdue will match you with a student. After that, you can invite your "friendship student" to your home or other fun events you would do with your family. The student will not live with you, but just spend time with your family about once a month, the time and place being at your discretion. If you're interested in this, please click here.

    Thank you for considering these opportunities. Together, we hope to provide a warm welcome to our international guests this summer.

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