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    ThuThursdayAprApril10th2014 C25K
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    C25K? What is this, some kind of secret code? It looks like it could be Pastor Whipple’s computer password!

    C25K is short for “Couch-to-5K,” a 15-week program to train as a group to run a 5 kilometer road race. After reading the book Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas last year, it made me think about the importance of being in good physical condition in order to serve God in the best possible way and what role the church might play in this. From this was born the idea of a group Couch-to-5K program, with the goal of building fellowship within our church, improving health and fitness, and reaching out to others.  

    The C25K will begin with a non-running kick-off meeting on Saturday, April 12, 8-10am at the church. We will continue to meet each week for gently increasing group runs, running tips, and devotion time. During our weekly meetings you will learn about proper shoe selection, the prevention and care of blisters, hydration and refueling, race etiquette, and the importance of stretching and cross training. We have a wide variety of professionals (nurses, trainers, dietitians,etc)  from our church involved in the planning and excited to share their expertise with you. In addition, there will be a time of devotion or Bible study each week as we learn how our spiritual and physical bodies are connected.


    Q: I don’t do metrics, how far is 5 kilometers?
    A: 3.1 miles

    Q: I’m a slowpoke. Will I be embarrassed?
    A: I’m a slowpoke, too! We can stick together! Runners and walkers of all speeds and all ages are welcome and encouraged to join.

    Q: I can’t be at all the meetings. Is that okay?
    A: I can’t be at all the meetings either! None of us can. Come as much as you can, and for the weeks you have conflicts, you can do the runs on your own.

    Q: Will I have to miss a week to attend the Strategic Assessment meeting on April 26 or May 3?
    A: Yes, but so will I. So we decided to make those two weeks duplicate weeks for the topics and training - attend CommonVision@Kossuth one week and the C25K the other, and you won’t miss out on either one!

    Q: I’m too old.
    A: No you’re not! If you can walk, you can do this!

    Q: Is this going to be hard?
    A: Yes, probably a little bit, especially if you’ve never run before. But it will be more fun than hard, and you will have really accomplished something when you are done. You even make some new friends along the way!

    Q: Can I bring a friend? Can I bring my mom, sister, neighbor, daughter, co-worker?
    A: Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes! That is one of the goals of the program: outreach to others.

    Q: Why did you call it Every Body Matters C25K?
    A: Because every body matters! Everybody, as in every individual person and every body, as in each person’s physical body. 

    Q: I have more questions!
    A: I have more answers, but this was all the space Drew would give me! [Editor's note: The previous statement is false.] Contact me at, or 219-819-2001, or Facebook.

    ThuThursdayAprApril3rd2014 Teaching Teachers
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    Meet Volunteer Vanessa. She's an active member of the church, she loves God, she is committed to others, and she has just signed up to teach a Sunday school class of elementary-aged children. She walks into the classroom on her first day, full of excitement. Her job is to teach the Bible to children, and since she loves both the Bible and children, she's pretty optimistic that this will go well.

    But after a few weeks, she notices that nobody seems to be paying attention to her. Johnny and Susie are constantly pulling at each other's hair and arguing. Amy has to use the restroom every 5 minutes. Henry won't stop talking. Billy sits in the corner picking his nose the whole time. Nobody seems to care about her lesson on Moses and the Red Sea.

    Eight weeks into the quarter, Volunteer Vanessa is running low on ideas. She's tried crafts, songs, group activities, videos, even sock puppets ... basically, everything short of flannelgraph. She finds herself easily frustrated. She dreads Sunday mornings. Her preparation seems futile, so she's stopped planning ahead altogether. She's abandoned the idealistic hopes she had a few weeks ago, and her main goal now is simply to survive the Sunday school hour until the parents come to pick up their kids. Although this is just her first foray into the children's ministry, she's already convinced it will be her last.

    If you know someone like Volunteer Vanessa (or if you are Volunteer Vanessa), there's good news! Help is on the way! This May, we'll be starting something new and exciting at Kossuth to equip and encourage those who serve on the front lines of ministry with children and youth. We're calling it the Teacher Training Course, and it's designed to help people like Vanessa serve competently and effectively, thus maximizing their joy in ministry.

    If you're remotely interested in ministry to children or teens, then will you take a few minutes to watch this video and consider participating in our inaugural Teacher Training Course during the four Wednesday evenings in May? We think there are exciting things on the horizon for our family ministries at Kossuth, but none of it will be possible without your help! Join the movement!

    Teacher Training Course from Kossuth Street Baptist Church on Vimeo.

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