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    MonMondayJanJanuary27th2014 Interview with Marty Dittmar
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    On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, leaving many parts of the country in ruins. Yet even in the midst of this tragedy, God was at work, opening a door for ministry to some of Haiti's most vulnerable and needy people: children. Our very own Marty Dittmar has played a key role in the development of this ministry, and if you haven't heard about it yet, it's high time that you do. So I sat down with Marty to ask him a few questions and introduce his work with Ephraim Orphan Project to those folks in the Kossuth family who might not be aware of it. Here's the conversation:

    Marty Dittmar Interview from Kossuth Street Baptist Church on Vimeo.

    ThuThursdayJanJanuary23rd2014 SLCF Ski Trip
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    Over the weekend 27 Salt and Light students experienced fun and fellowship as they traveled to Caberfae Peaks ski resort near Traverse City, Michigan. 

    The group left West Lafayette after classes Friday night, and braved the cold, wind, and snow as they drove to Immanuel Baptist Church where Ben Whipple is an associate pastor. Immanuel graciously provided the group a free place to stay, complete with rooms to sleep in, hot showers, a kitchen, and a welcoming committee, which consisted of Ben getting up in the middle of a very cold night to usher the students into the warmth of the church.

    The next day the group hit the ski slopes, some harder than others, and enjoyed picture perfect skiing weather. For several of the students, this was their first time skiing, while others took to the slopes like they had been born with skis on. The more advanced skiers from our group were especially helpful to the beginners, by showing methods and explaining best skiing practices. They encouraged the beginners, and often helped the new skiers up after they would fall. Some of the students tried their hand at snowboarding which seemed to be significantly more difficult than skiing. At the end of the day everyone seemed to have improved their sport of choice as well as enjoyed the fellowship that took place.  The group was blessed with many fun stories to tell and no injuries. The best wipe-out award was given to Jake, who was able to accidentally take out three other people on his way down the slope.

    At the end of the day the group packed up and returned to Immanuel Baptist Church for dinner, followed by a time of singing, prayer, and devotions. Abraham led the group in many songs that filled the room with praises to the Lord, and Sam gave a devotional. After the devotional the group was asked to share what had been on their hearts or minds. Some students opened up and explained hardships that had been going on in their lives, while others asked for prayer. One particular insight that struck me was when a student shared what she had learned from her mentor. The lesson learned was about friendship and how just because we may not "click" with someone doesn't mean we shouldn't put effort into becoming their friend.

    The next day, the group attended the morning church service at Immanuel Baptist before striking out for home. During the return trip the students discussed and challenged each other in ways of spreading the gospel. Some of the discussions included our nation's history and the godly men who shaped it, how Christians are to approach homosexuality, the opportunities that Salt and Light students were given to speak with local Michigan residents about Salt and Light, the earth’s creation and the science behind it, and many other fascinating topics along the way.

    For me, it was a wonderful time to learn from the students and invest time in getting to know them. This trip left an impression on me from witnessing the Christ-like attitudes of the students, seeing the students get up early to do their own personal devotions, watching the students help others around them, hearing their testimonies, and experiencing their servant-like hearts and attitudes. I was truly impressed by the group and glad to see many good ambassadors for Christ.

    ThuThursdayJanJanuary23rd2014 Strolling in the Garden of Eden
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    [Note: Frederic Wang is a visiting scholar at Purdue. Written in conjunction with Dana Gottfried.]

    SLCF International took a trip to Cincinnati from January 18-20. Our group had 15 members. Since the weather was bad and the snow on the road was heavy, we were thinking to postpone or cancel the trip. After carefully analyzing the weather condition and forecast, we took a van from the church and hit the road around noon last Saturday. Dana drove very cautiously and we all prayed that we could have a safe travel to the destination, Bible Chapel of Delhi Hills, a church in Cincinnati that has hosted SLCF for a Creation Museum visit trip in mid-January for the past six years. When we were nearby Lebanon, the weather started to become better and better.
    We arrived there at sunset and about six host families welcomed us in the twilight hours. These families provided transportation, meals, and a place to sleep. All of them were hospitable and eager to help. On Sunday morning, we worshiped God together at the Bible Chapel of Delhi Hills. Peter, a masters student from Purdue, read the scripture from the Bible in Chinese. In the evening, we were back to church and each of us Chinese visitors were given time to make a short introduction of ourselves before the congregation. Dana was invited to give a talk about the Bible, and he used some Chinese phrases so we could understand better.
    After the evening service, some host families held parties for us. We prayed together, ate together, played games together and also had a nice talks together. I was impressed that among the tools that can be used to spread the Gospel, simple and sincere hospitality is so valuable and effective.
    On Monday we went to the Creation Museum. By the well-organized illustrations, photos and statues, the first eleven chapters of the Bible were wonderfully presented, for example the Garden of Eden was displayed (see picture at right). For some on the trip, this was a good review, while for others it was all quite new. Science is not opposing God. On the contrary, it is He who created science and uses this amazing way to show His mercy to us.
    When we returned, the pastor of the church, Kevin Landis, sent me an email and told me that heavy snow had covered the road the next day and blocked local traffic. Our trip was a period of sunshine between two storms!

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