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    ThuThursdaySepSeptember26th2013 Possible Partnership with Pioneers
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    On Sunday, October 6, at Family Gathering, the church family will consider and act on a proposal to enter into a partnership with the global missions agency Pioneers to assist us as a church in sending the Armstrong family to a yet-to-be-determined location for missionary service. This is an incredibly exciting and important step in the sending and supporting process for the Armstrongs and our church family.

    The proposal for the church to consider reads:

    The elders and Missions Team recommend that the congregation approve acceptance of the invitation from Pioneers for the Armstrongs to become missionary candidates. This allows the Armstrongs in partnership with Pioneers to 1) determine and address specific training requirements, 2) research, visit, and receive an invitation from a team to serve in a specific location and manner, and 3) continue to raise support per the internship agreement.

    A second anticipated step involves another congregational vote of approval for 1) a team, location, and type of ministry, 2) a monthly amount of KSBC support and 3) to formally commission the Armstrongs as missionaries from KSBC. This second approval will be brought to the church family when appropriate. It is necessary to complete the process and actually release the Armstrongs to their location and ministry.

    Please take opportunity to find out more about the ministry and values of Pioneers in preparation for our October 6 Family Gathering. Here are some links that will connect you to helpful information:
    WedWednesdaySepSeptember25th2013 Fall Summit Reflections
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    Thinking less of ourselves and what we need to do, and thinking more of Christ and what He has already done for us. This was one of the central messages from the recent Salt & Light Fall Summit.

    About 20 students and several leaders spent the weekend being refreshed in the gospel and enjoying God’s beautiful creation at Hanging Rock Camp. Drew Humphrey took us through the Passover narrative from Exodus with a focus on God’s deliverance and how we see the gospel of Christ and our deliverance through the slaughtered lamb, unleavened bread, and escape from enemies. We were challenged to rest in the gospel because we have been set free from our slavery to sin, like the Israelites were slaves to the Egyptians, and because we have been given everything we need in Christ (Romans 8:32). It is evident that this message hit home for a lot of us, and many renewed thoughts and calls for change in action were initiated over the weekend.

    Besides the great teaching and worship times, we had a lot of fun playing games, going on hikes, and sharing meals together. A photo scavenger hunt brought out our competitive nature as we scoured the camp for some obscure items. Saturday night was spent huddling around the bonfire and singing a bunch of worship songs together. A lot of relationships were built during the weekend as well, as several freshmen and other people new to Salt & Light came on the trip. God definitely provided a wonderful weekend of refreshment and renewal in the gospel as we got to take our minds off of school work for a while!

    We would love for the church to continue pray for Salt & Light as we aim to spread the gospel on campus. Many of us are living at Crosswalk, and others are focused on making disciples for Christ in the dorms, both of which come with their own sets of joys and challenges. As we progress through a semester, we can always use prayer for God to sustain us and give us strength to endure the stressful weeks and give us opportunities to be the salt and light.  

    WedWednesdaySepSeptember25th2013 Missions: Closer Than You Think
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    Pop quiz: The annual missions emphasis month at Kossuth Street Baptist Church is:

    a) a break from my Connection Group teacher’s voice
    b) a chance to be wowed by exciting missionary pioneers!
    c) a guaranteed guilt trip
    d) a temporary shift in focus, but not much more
    e) none of the above (except (a) as a side benefit)

    The Mission Team of KSBC is excited about what God is bringing about for our Missions Emphasis this year. While we hope that you will be inspired by the faith of missionaries and the faithfulness of God, we also hope you'll see how God welcomes all of us participants in his mission. And while we are excited about life-long commitments to overseas ministry, that is not the limit of what we hope God does.

    In a word, we hope that God will impress each of us with these realities:

    1. God is a great and glorious God, at work in all the world. Really!
    2. There are more opportunities to plug into his mission--to fill the earth with his glory--than we may realize.
    3. These opportunities are closer than we think.
    We invite you to come with expectant hearts, counting on God to surprise you with:
    new understanding…
    that fuels new desire to be a part of his work…
    because his invitation to join him is too good to resist.

    Take a look at the schedule below. We’ll be blessed to have some of our missionary partners with us in person, we’ll learn about the ways God invites each of us to be a bigger part of his missionary work, we’ll hear from some of our own members who have explored alternative ways to serve overseas, we’ll talk about how God is shaping the “missions DNA” of Kossuth, and more.

    Also don’t miss the chance to have lunch with our partners Randy and Cindy Richner; sign up in your Connection Group or online if you’re interested!

    2013 Missions Emphasis Schedule

    Sunday, October 6
    9:15am: Great Commission Sermon
    10:45am: Reports from Mike Freeze and Ileleji Family
    6:00pm: Missions Strategy Report 

    Sunday, October 13
    9:15am: Sermon by Randy Richner
    10:45am: Reports from Richners and Sarah Fehrman
    12:00pm: Lunch with Richners
    ThuThursdaySepSeptember19th2013 Drivers Make Friends
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    Last semester, our family saw the request for drivers in the church bulletin. Living just a half mile from campus, and with a couple empty seats in the car, it was a no-brainer for us to volunteer in this ministry. We were given the names of several women, all from China and two which had young sons. Each week we contacted the women to confirm they were coming to church that week and then made a few stops on our way to church to pick them up.

    One woman, Minyun, and her son, Hoek, were very faithful in attending and we soon became friends with them. Along with practical information about living in the States, we also had opportunities to share about church, faith, and holidays such as Easter. In the short ride to church we bonded over funny stories of the traditional 5th grade camp-out that both her son and Jake had attended, explained differences in our countries such as climate and food, and shared a gift of flowers to honor her for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, with the start of the fall semester her assignment at Purdue was over and we had to say good-bye to our sweet friend and her fun-loving son, but not before exchanging invitations to visit!  

    Volunteering to drive students to church is a great way to get involved, maybe even for the first time, with international students. You have the opportunity to interact each week, without a big time commitment. But, the time you are together with them is a wonderful opportunity to get to know them, introduce them to your faith, your family, and your country, and serve others.
    ThuThursdaySepSeptember12th2013 New Member Spotlight (9/12/2013)
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    The Membership Ministry Team would like to welcome the following new members: Cally Burnside, Evan Briggs, and Jonathan Fry. They were voted in as Full Members at the September Family Gathering. 

    Cally is from Monticello, Indiana. She is a graduate of Jackson Hole Bible College in Jackson, Wyoming, and has been attending KSBC since June 2013. Cally is the Resident Life Manager for Crosswalk Commons. 

    Evan is from Lafayette and is the son of KSBC Members Paul and Geri Briggs. Evan works at Chick-fil-A and is currently a sophomore at Purdue University working toward his degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision. Evan is a regular attendee and involved with SLCF. 

    Jonathan is originally from Alexandria, Virginia, and is currently a junior at Purdue University working toward his degree in Aerospace Engineering. Jonathan began attending KSBC in 2011 after coming to Purdue and he is a regular attendee and involved with SLCF.  

    Please introduce yourself as you see Cally, Evan, and Jonathan and welcome them to our family. 

    ThuThursdaySepSeptember5th2013 Internship Reflections
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    I'm so thankful that God gave me the opportunity to do an internship at Kossuth this summer. It was such a blessing. I'm grateful for all of you who were part of the internship, whether it was listening to me teach, praying for me, encouraging me, or sharing wisdom and helpful feedback. I'd love to share a few thoughts with you below about the internship and about what Bria and I are up to now.

    What were some of the highlights of the internship?
    • Teaching opportunities – I really enjoyed teaching as well as the prep-time and study for teaching. I learned a lot about preparation and delivery. 
    • Bible studies – I did several personal Bible studies followed by papers, and one of the most impactful studies I did was on how the church grew in the book of Acts. It was amazing to see in a new way how central the Word is to growth. God saves and grows his people through his Word.
    • Reading – I read a lot during the internship. I'm thankful for the things I learned through the reading, and I'm also thankful that it has made me want to be a lifelong reader. Books have so much to offer. 
    • Ministry experiences – I lead the Salt and Light summer Bible study and went to staff meetings at KSBC and had a lot of interaction with the staff. I think I grew just as much, or more, through the experiences as I did through the reading and studying. 
    What are some of the outcomes of the internship? The internship…
    • Stoked my passion for God, the gospel, and the Bible.
    • Taught me Bible study and ministry skills that I will be able to use and apply for the rest of my life.
    • Sharpened my theology. I got to wrestle through some areas of theology in which I had questions and saw more how theology intersects with life.
    • Gave me a better picture of what pastoral ministry is like and of what I'm pursuing.
    • Increased my desire to do pastoral ministry after my time in the Navy (five years after graduation). While the internship didn't answer the question once and for all whether or not I will one day become a pastor, it increased my desire and my sense that God is leading me to pursue it.
    What are we up to now? How can you pray for us?
    • Bria and I are back at Purdue for our last year. I'll graduating in May 2014 with nuclear engineering, and Bria will be graduating in August 2014 with her bachelor's in nursing. You can pray that we finish well and that we will be intentional with our time and opportunities.
    • I have an interview on Sept 12 in DC for a Navy nuclear engineering position. If I get the job, we will move to DC when we graduate. If I don't, I will likely be a submariner, and go to Charleston instead. You can pray for the interview and that, if it is God's will, I would get the DC position.
    • I'll keep doing many of the things I had the opportunity to do during the internship, though it will be on a much smaller scale because of school. I'm looking forward to teaching, reading, and meeting with people for encouragement and discipleship. You can pray that I will be faithful to God and his Word and that he will work in and through me this year (and pray the same things for Bria too!).
    • I'll continue pursuing and learning about pastoral ministry – exposing myself to more areas of ministry, developing my strengths and targeting my weaknesses, learning from pastors, and submitting to church leadership's guidance as I move forward on this journey. You can pray that God will guide me through this process and continue to grow me and bring clarity to me about his agenda for my life.
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