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    WedWednesdayJulJuly31st2013 Host an International Student
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    New international students are coming to our community these days. They are eager to learn and experience this foreign land. Would you like to be a part of welcoming them to Lafayette and West Lafayette? 

    We have a list of about 15 new students who are coming between August 6 and 10 who need temporary housing since their apartment or dorm will not open until several days later. Some need a place to stay for only one night, some need it for several nights, and a few need it for ten days. Would you be able to help? Hosting involves providing a bed and breakfast. No other meals are promised. You would also need to assist the student in getting to and from campus each day, either by bus or by your car. Dana Gottfried is the contact person (765-413-6224 or
    ThuThursdayJulJuly25th2013 Love Is Ongoing Care
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    Looking back in my journal covering the last seven years, I realize this is long overdue. I’ve had some very tough times over those years.

    My dear husband Glenn was in serious decline for many months, before the Lord took him home. I, in my 90s, strugled just to keep going. And oh, how people responded! There were many cards, letters, visits, phone calls, inquiries, much food, and prayers! One dear friend came and sat up all night a few times when our night-lady couldn’t come. Then she absolutely refused any pay. What a blessing people were!

    In October, on my way to church, I caught my foot under a cupped-up place in the patio carpet. I tripped and fell forward, breaking my arm and injuring my wrist and leg. I wasn’t able to get out of a chair, or take a step alone, for many weeks. During my long days and nights in my chair, I was again blessed with all of the above, plus I was given a DVD and VHS player, to help pass long, wearisome, inactive hours.

    When I had extensive dental surgery, someone anonymously paid for sedation, so I wouldn’t have the painful local kind. How welcome that was!

    On January 2, 2012, my precious oldest son, David, died suddenly. He had been in good health. The doctor said he could find no physical reason why he should have died. Again, people were such a blessing. Bless you!

    Then in August, a sudden isolated wind storm destroyed 3 trees, the patio, and my 3-car garage.

    My appliances have been dying. As Kirk said, “Dorothy, you are outliving your appliances.” (I’m 97.) When my oven couldn’t be fixed, two precious ladies offered to buy me a new stove! Fortunately my grandson and wife had given me a nice toaster-oven they didn’t use. It baked pies, cakes, cookies, custards, meats, everything just fine.

    I must tell you, too, that a lovely family came and cleaned my flower beds this spring. Everything was made ready for planting.

    I haven’t forgotten many other favors and good deeds. I tried to write down everything with names lest I forget.

    God keeps records, too. You are an extension of his grace. God bless you! And praise him!

    “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born to help in time of need.” Prov. 17:17

    Do you have a story of love being expressed within the Kossuth family? If so, feel free to share your experience and contribute to our ongoing "Love is ____" series for the encouragement of the church. Click here for more details.

    ThuThursdayJulJuly18th2013 New Member Spotlight (7/18/2013)
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    The Membership Ministry Team would like to welcome the following new members: Shane McGraw, Nicole Bianco and Sara Nixon. They were voted in as full members at the July Family Gathering.

    Shane is originally from Naperville, Illinois and began attending KSBC in March 2012. Shane will be a senior this fall at Purdue University working toward his degree in Industrial Engineering. Shane is a regular attendee and involved with Salt and Light Christian Fellowship and he involved with the Kossuth Praise Team.

    Nicole is originally from Valparaiso, Indiana, and began attending KSBC in the spring of 2012. She was baptized just recently in April 2013. Nicole is currently a senior at Purdue University working toward her degree in Nutrition Science/Dietetics. Nicole is a regular attendee and involved with Salt and Light Christian Fellowship.

    Sara began attending KSBC in January 2013 after her family moved to Lafayette. Sara is a regular attendee and involved in the Abound connection group, as well as being part of a care group. Sara will be attending New College Franklin in the fall, which is a classical Christian college in Franklin, Tennessee.

    Please introduce yourself as you see Shane, Nicole, and Sara, and welcome them to our family. 

    ThuThursdayJulJuly11th2013 College Summer Study
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    If you haven't noticed, many (if not most) of Kossuth's college students are not in the pews during the summer months. While many have gone home for the summer or are working at various internships, some college students are still in the Lafayette area and are active in our church body.

    Over the summer, Salt and Light takes a break from many of its normal activities, such as the weekly 4G meetings. Instead, we have been doing a summer Bible study. This year we are studying Genesis 1-12. We have had 15-25 people participate each week. A typical night consists of fellowship, musical worship, a discussion on the study, and usually a time of sharing and praying for one another.

    Students who participate in the study are encouraged to dive into the passage before coming to the study, drawing observations and interpreting it within the context, using cross references and other tools. The discussion usually lasts an hour or longer, as students share their observations, questions, and applications.

    I think everyone who has participated has been encouraged by the richness and depth of Genesis. Often we can have a tendency to think of Genesis primarily as an account of the origins of the universe that has little bearing on our lives. But that is simply not the case. Over the last several weeks, we've seen so many things about God, man, and sin that have immediate application to our daily lives. The night that we studied Genesis 1 was really a worshipful night, as we just saw God's greatness and power in new ways. We've also seen in fresh ways how sin is rebelling against God and how it grieves him. But along with that, we've seen God's patience, grace, and the beginnings of his plan of redeeming a people to himself.

    I'd encourage and ask that you pray for the summer study and the students participating. Pray that God will continue to teach us things from his word. Pray that we would not be hearers who forget, but that we would be doers who act (James 1:25).  

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