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    WedWednesdayJunJune26th2013 A Note of Thanks
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    During the school year Thursday morning at Kossuth is a buzz with activity. On Thursdays, for the last 14 years, Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) has been meeting at Kossuth. The last few years BSF has grown significantly, especially among young moms with preschoolers. As they continued to grow they had to become more creative and used every inch of the building possible for their discussion groups and children’s ministry. The leadership of BSF and I were very aware that the day would soon come that they would need to find another location to accommodate all the women. God has quickly and unexpectedly provided another location that will meet their growing needs. Recently, we received a note of appreciation from the leadership of BSF that we want to share with you.

    Dear Pastor Whipple,

    Wow - little did we realize the last time I met with you would really be "the" last time to meet with you. Some of the main lessons we learned in Genesis this year are:

    "God's timing is always perfect."
    "God's ways are best."
    "God provides what we need in His perfect timing and way."

    How evident this was in the way he opened with the door in an unheard of short period of time for us to move! We have more women and children registered for our next year's study than we have ever had so we are thankful not to turn any away. But at the same time, it is very sad to leave our home of 14 years. You and your staff have been a complete joy to work with. Thank you for your generosity and flexibility as we continued to grow there. I wish you could hear some of the stories and life-changes that our ladies and children have shared with us. I know of 5 women this year alone (and 1 husband) who were saved. Many, many more have taken active roles in their churches. This wouldn't have happened without your church's support of us. "Thank you" seems so inadequate.

     With a heart full of appreciation,
    Allison Holden
    TueTuesdayJunJune18th2013 Two Kossuth Families Meet in Far-Away Land
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    We had the privilege to travel to China last month and meet up with the Ilelejis in Beijing. They were just a few of the friends we saw during our ten-day visit to northeast China. Click here to see pictures and some words about what we learned during this trip.

    ThuThursdayJunJune13th2013 New Member Spotlight (6/13/2013)
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    The Membership Ministry Team would like to welcome the following new member: Laurel Donaldson. Laurel was voted in as a full member at the June Family Gathering. She is originally from Geneseo, Illinois and came to Lafayette to attend Purdue University. Laurel is a recent graduate of Purdue with a degree in Speech Language/Hearing Sciences. Laurel will be attending the University of Iowa in the fall working toward a PhD in Audiology. Laurel began attending KSBC in 2011, and she is involved with Salt and Light Christian Fellowship.  

    Please introduce yourself as you see Laurel and welcome her to our family. 

    WedWednesdayJunJune5th2013 The Power and Reach of the Gospel
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    We have the privilege to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to people every day. As we share the Gospel, we often never know how far the Lord will take this message. Recently we received the following email from an old friend that reminded us of God’s power to change lives:

    Dear Marty and Brenda,
    I'm doing some specific reading these days, as I have taken on the leadership of a ministry in Ukraine that evangelizes the elderly--I just need to read and get some understanding of culture and history and people...well, I started reading a book called My Beloved Russia, a story about Dmitry Mustafin who co-wrote with Irene Howat. I reached page 10 where I see it is 1986 in Italy, and Dmitry is given a Bible in Russian by someone named Martin Dittmar--forbidden to him--but takes it and reads it. He is led to the Lord by you and is then invited to the "American's home where Martin's wife, Brenda fixes cucumber sandwiches and American apple pie." -Deb

    We were truly stunned by this email as we had lost contact with Dimitry not long after he left Perugia to study elsewhere in Italy. We asked this same friend if she knew how to contact him now, and she came up with a possible email address. We wrote a note to Dimitry hoping that he was at this email address AND that he would remember us. Again to our surprise, we received the following email:

    Dear Martin,
    I tried to contact you for many years...I am very thankful to you for my first prayer and for leading me to the Lord. Now I am a member of Christian Church in Moscow and I am a Gideon. I still work at Russian Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology as a professor…I will send the photo we made in winter of 1986. I treasure this. I want to keep in touch with you.
    With love,
    Dimitry Mustafin

    How thankful we are for God’s power to reach into lives and transform the hearts of people. We never know where the Lord will take the seeds of the Gospel through the lives He changes. May we all be faithful to proclaim the Glory of Christ to those around us and watch God do AMAZING THINGS!

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