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    WedWednesdayMayMay29th2013 Register for Summer School
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    We're happy to announce that registration for Kossuth Summer School is now open! Between now and July 1, you're invited to sign up for one of the three classes that we have lined up for you. You can read some of the basic details and access the registration page here.

    In the meantime, let me give you two quick reasons why you should consider registering if you're not considering it already.

    1. To leverage your influence for the sake of the gospel. Whether you realize it or not, you are an influential person. Granted, you may not have been interviewed recently on CNN, you may not have 3 million Twitter followers, and you may not get invited to the White House on a regular basis. But you can bet that someone is looking at you and watching how you represent the gospel. Maybe it's a child, a coworker, a neighbor, a friend at the gym, or the waitress at the restaurant you go to after church each week. The question is this: How are you managing that influence? Are you making the most of it? If you're like me, you can always use some additional tools and instruction. That's exactly what Kossuth Summer School will provide.

    2. To connect with the mission of Kossuth. Do you know why this church exists? According to our mission statement, we exist "to glorify God as a family of believers by leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ." In other words, we view our mission together as primarily one of discipleship—helping others see and respond to the Savior. This begs the question: Are you engaged in this mission? Are you currently leading anyone in a growing relationship with Jesus? If not, here's your chance to connect with what we as a church family are all about. These classes will you help you identify opportunities in your own life to come alongside others lead them toward Christ in a redemptive manner.

    We hope you'll join us this summer as we learn and grow together!
    WedWednesdayMayMay22nd2013 Letter from the Nieweddes
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    Dear Kossuth Family,

    As Matt and I plan to move very soon to Little Rock, Arkansas, we wanted you to know how much you are appreciated and loved. All of you have truly become our family. There have been many times that we found ourselves dragging into the church doors only to be filled up and encouraged by your lives, gospel words being sung from your mouths, and watching you love each other well. Our meetings with you drove us to continue to work well in our jobs, love our neighbors, share the truth with boldness, and keep on with the race that sometimes feels endless and exhausting.

    So many of you we have not even had a chance to have in our home or us in yours, but know that your lives encouraged ours. We've watched you love and discipline your children well, walk through suffering, give of your abundance, and serve in our body with humility and love for others. To those of you who have dug deep with us, prayed with us for children, kept us accountable, helped us financially, or helped us navigate many decisions—thank you for walking through life with us. Your time, words, and encouragement will forever be a part of who we are. 

    Thank you for your sweet, sweet, fellowship Kossuth. Please continue your work with perseverance; your hearts for the gospel are valuable and there are so many who still need to hear the good news!

    Please pray for us as we look forward to the opportunities God has for us in Arkansas. Pray for us as we seek fellowship with believers. We have a renewed passion and desire for the lost, specifically the unreached, our neighbors, coworkers, and soon to be child. Pray that we would be attentive to where we can be best used including the neighborhood we choose to live in. 

    We look forward to hearing what God is doing through you in the years to come!

    Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil....speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord; always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father; and be subject to one another in the fear of Christ. (Ephesians 5)

    Until the whole world hears,

    Matt and Tanya Niewedde

    WedWednesdayMayMay15th2013 Growing Families
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    "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward."

    That's not just some old-fashioned sentiment from an antiquated culture we've lost touch with; it's the definitive assessment of the Creator himself, as expressed through Scripture (Ps. 127:3). The point is simple: God views new life as a blessing to be cherished.

    In light of this biblical reality, it was a joy this past weekend to be able to participate in the "Growing Families" milestone event at Kossuth and celebrate the new lives that God has brought into our church during the past year. On Saturday evening, a number of the families were able to participate in a dinner to encourage and equip them in the parenting task that lies ahead. The elders and their wives joined us for a time of discussion, encouragement, and idea-sharing, as we considered how to cultivate a Christ-exalting home.

    On Sunday morning, the entire church got to participate in the second component of the Growing Families event, the formal commitment ceremony. Not only did we get to see the cute babies and their parents, but we also got to formalize our commitment to family discipleship within the church. The parents affirmatively answered these three questions:
    1. Do you recognize and accept your responsibility as the primary teacher and trainer of your child?
    2. Do you commit to nurture your child in the instruction and discipline of the Lord?
    3. Will you strive by God’s grace to commend the gospel to your child through both word and deed?
    And the congregation expressed its own resolve by answering "Yes" to these questions:
    1. Will you partner with these parents by praying for them as they lead their children spiritually?
    2. Will you encourage these parents by modeling gospel-centered marriages, parenting, and relationships?
    3. Will you support these parents by maintaining a Christ-like community of faith in this church? 
    If you didn't get a prayer guide last Sunday, be sure to look for one this week on the tables at the entrance to the sanctuary. And please make the effort to follow through and pray for the children (Matthew, Gabrielle, Max, Emily, Sophia, Eason, and Tait) and their parents. Our commitment to these young families is not to be taken lightly. May God give us grace to be faithful!

    For images of the ceremony, check out the photo gallery.

    TueTuesdayMayMay14th2013 Love Is Anonymous
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    I was the "middle man" recently for an anonymous act of love. It went something like this: “Can you hand these off the next time you see them at church?” Two envelopes were handed to me with names written on the outside and some expression of love on the inside. I do not know why the giver decided to remain anonymous but by giving the cards to me they added one more person to the circle of blessing. I was the conduit by which one part of the body loved the other.  

    Thanks anonymous giver for letting me take part in what God was prompting you to do for someone else. Your generous love for another also impacted me.

    Do you have a story of love being expressed within the Kossuth family? If so, feel free to share your experience and contribute to our ongoing "Love is ____" series for the encouragement of the church. Click here for more details.
    TueTuesdayMayMay7th2013 Love Is a Package from Thousands of Miles Away
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    Our family has been away from KSBC since fall of 2012. We spent most of our 2012 busy packing, traveling, unpacking, and settling in our new home in Hangzhou, China. Through new language, new schools, new friends, new church, new ministries and fellowships, God has blessed us with great opportunities to make us grow in Him. One of the greatest challenges we felt was disconnectedness with our church family at KSBC.

    Holidays are always hard when you are away from "home." By Thanksgiving in 2012, most of our initial challenges of everyday life (including reconnecting on Facebook!) were resolved or gotten used to. However, our excitements being in a new environment had faded away, and the reality of living the next 9 months in Hangzhou set in. We started having our routines with our life (in other words, we were in cruise control mode) in China. As experts say, that's when sojourners' real challenge-homesickness--comes in. 

    But God showed His Love through His saints from KSBC when we really needed it.

    One morning in December, I was surprised not only to see a small package in our mailbox (which has collected only advertisements and bills) but also that the package was from thousands of miles away! It was addressed from one of our beloved KSBC friends, Selvie Tanjung. I had a hard time not opening the package immediately, but I decided to let the whole family enjoy the moment of opening the package of love together. Not only did we have to wait until the last person walked in the door, but we decided to wait until we were ready to have our family devotion at night, as well. It was a long 12+ hours!

    For us, it was like opening a surprise Christmas present! We were so blessed with His Love not only to find a card from Selvie, Tanto, and their children, but also from several other KSBC families and their children! Our children could not be more excited than seeing their best friends' Christmas pictures, drawings and letters! While we were feeling disconnected from KSBC families by being so far away, God made us to see we were connected through His love--a package full of Christmas cards from thousands of miles away!

    Do you have a story of love being expressed within the Kossuth family? If so, feel free to share your experience and contribute to our ongoing "Love is ____" series for the encouragement of the church. Click here for more details.

    TueTuesdayMayMay7th2013 New Member Spotlight (5/7/2013)
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    The Membership Ministry Team would like to welcome the following new members: Lizhi Shang, Caleb Tatlock, Paul Shock, Thomas & Amber Skalon, Abby Rogers, Steve & Diane Haby & Delaney McNichols. Lizhi, Caleb, Paul, Thomas, Amber, Abby, Steve and Diane were all voted in as full members, and Delaney was voted in as a watch care member at the May Family Gathering. Please introduce yourself as you see these new members and welcome them to our family. 

    Lizhi is from Tianjin, China and he is a student at Purdue University working toward his PhD in Agriculture & Biological Engineering. Lizhi has been attending KSBC since January 2013, and he is a regular attendee and involved with Salt & Light International. 

    Caleb is originally from Zionsville, Indiana, and he is a sophomore at Purdue University working toward his degree in Anthropology & Creative Writing. Caleb has attended KSBC since August 2011 after coming to Purdue. He is involved with Campus Outreach at Purdue and was recently baptized at Kossuth in April 2013.

    Paul is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado and  is a junior at Purdue University working toward his degree in Aerospace Engineering. Paul began attending KSBC in August 2011 after coming to Purdue, and he was baptized at KSBC in December 2012. Paul is a regular attendee and involved with Salt & Light Christian Fellowship. 

    Thomas and Amber live in West Point, Indiana and have been attending KSBC since 2009. Thomas is a bricklayer for a local building services company and Amber works part time for Lighthouse Appraisals and is a stay at home mom with their daughter Reagan who is 2 years old. Thomas and Amber are regular attendees and involved in the Humphrey care group and the Abound connection group.

    Abbey is originally from Wasilla, Alaska and has been attending KSBC since 2012. Abbey is a recent graduate from Vision for Hope and is currently a Certified Nursing Assistant at Heritage Healthcare Nursing Home in West Lafayette. Abby is a regular attendee and involved with the Wilkinson care group and Abound connections group. Abbey is the cousin of KSBC member Tanya Neiwedde. 

    Steve and Diane are from Lafayette, Indiana and have been attending KSBC since 2009. Diane is a RN in Internal Medicine working for Dr. Holmes, a local doctor. Steve is a self-employed real estate manager/investor, and he is brother of KSBC Member Sarah Davis. Steve and Diane are regular attenders and involved with the Zimmerman care group and Abound connections group. Steve was recently baptized in April 2013.

    Delaney is originally from Fishers, Indiana and she is currently a sophomore at Purdue University working toward her degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Delaney is a regular attendee and involved with Salt & Light Christian Fellowship. She is joining as a watch care member, keeping her full membership at her home church of Castleview Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.
    WedWednesdayMayMay1st2013 What God Does with a Simple Meal
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    All the Gospels record the familiar history of how Jesus took a simple meal of some loaves and a couple fish and multiplied it amazingly for his glory. Last fall we got to see God multiply our own simple meal into new friendships for his glory with people who came from the other side of the planet right into our home.

    In August 2012, our family was blessed to host five Chinese students, all new to the USA. It soon became clear they felt love and kindness in a foreign land. What began as a brunch and area tour, quickly turned into a blossoming friendship. They’ve since been over for dinners including an American Thanksgiving and accompanied us to the Chinese Lantern festival. On one visit, one of our new friends talked of a Chinese string instrument he played and a favorite song. During a later visit a couple of our children surprised them by playing the song. We literally heard gasps when they recognized the first notes, and some just listened with eyes closed as if transported back home for a few minutes. At the same time, they’ve shown such love and warmth back to our family. 

    New international students will start to arrive on Purdue’s campus at the beginning of August. For many, it will be their first experience in America. What can our church family do to help them feel welcome while beginning a relationship that may result in their coming to experience the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ? A great way to show them the love of Christ is to host a small group of students for a meal followed by a tour or the Lafayette/West Lafayette area.

    Block your calendars now for Saturday, August 24. You won’t want to miss this great opportunity to connect with international students right here in Tippecanoe County…no passport needed! If you’re apprehensive about doing it alone, partner up with another family from your Connections class and give them a double dose of Hoosier hospitality!

    What exactly is required of a host? First, plan to come to campus to pick up your students at 10:00 am. The students will have signed up ahead of time and will meet you at a designated location. Second, be friendly to the students as you take them to your home and share an early lunch (or brunch) with them. Third, hop in your vehicle and drive them around Lafayette and West Lafayette, showing them the highlights of the city, e.g. our church, the mall, the courthouse, West Lafayette post office, a grocery store or two. Then take them to their apartment or dorm. They will have seen the love of the Lord in the process, and the blessings you receive are countless. And who knows what God will multiply out of your simple meal?!

    Please let the folks at Salt & Light know of your commitment by e-mailing Dana Gottfried (, and telling him how many students you can take: 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. You can also e-mail Dana any questions you may have before you sign up.
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