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    WedWednesdayAprApril24th2013 Meet Jed Kampen
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    Did you know that there will be a new intern hanging around Kossuth for a few weeks this summer? We're happy that Jed Kampen will soon be lending his gifts and energy to the Kossuth family, while he seeks to discern whether or not God might be leading him toward full-time local church ministry in the future. If you want to learn more about Jed and the internship he'll be doing, check out this special Connections video interview:

    Jed Kampen Interview from Kossuth Street Baptist Church on Vimeo.

    ThuThursdayAprApril18th2013 Love Is Presence in Sorrow
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    When my dad passed away, the church family did such a wonderful job of being there for me, Jessica, Gunnar, and even my extended family. 

    The visitation and funeral were in the small town where I grew up over two hours from Lafayette. But so many of you showed up that my family just started to assume anyone not from town was a Kossuth person. You drove hours to say a few kind words, give a hug, pray, or just sit together for a few minutes. It was a very visual and real reminder of God's constant presence and encouragement in times of sorrow.

    Do you have a story of love being expressed within the Kossuth family? If so, feel free to share your experience and contribute to our ongoing "Love is ____" series for the encouragement of the church. Click here for more details.

    ThuThursdayAprApril11th2013 Love Is an Offer at the Right Time
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    Two or three weeks ago, Dana and I invited a Chinese graduate student couple to dinner. They are finishing school and moving away in a few months. Because of wanting to show hospitality, my Chinese background tells me cooking five or six dishes is appropriate. However, on a regular weekday, homeschooling three children from 2nd to 6th grade and taking care of a 4 year old are my top priorities during the day. 

    I felt I was in a dilemma. I knew I couldn’t tell my friends that they could come back for a meal in the summer after they had moved away. Well, God’s plan for me magnifies His love.

    Mitti Wilson, who is a servant wearing many hats in ministry around Kossuth, e-mailed me two weeks ago offering me a break from schooling. Here is what she wrote:

    This offer is one that I hope you'll take advantage of. :-) As a homeschooling mother I know that there are times that you just want some time home alone. I'd like to offer to have your kids over one day so that you can have some 'down time' at home.

    I was dumbfounded for the first 10 seconds, wondering if I misread the message. Then I felt greatly refreshed. Isn’t God great to send me fresh air when I most needed a deep breath? I took hold of the offer and received over 5 hours on a recent Thursday doing things that I cannot normally do, I also worked on the meal, and even laid down for a half hour just for relaxation. I was recharged, and my family had a great time with the student couple that evening. God has used His love in Mitti to show He abides in us.

    Do you have a story of love being expressed within the Kossuth family? If so, feel free to share your experience and contribute to our ongoing "Love is ____" series for the encouragement of the church. Click here for more details.

    ThuThursdayAprApril4th2013 Crosswalk Update
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    Hammers are swinging, siding is going on, wiring is being strung, bricks are being laid…and students are being contacted. These are some of the things surrounding the flurry of activity going on with the Crosswalk Commons in these early days of spring. The building remains on schedule despite challenging weather in March. The exterior is beginning to take shape as most windows are now in and metal siding is going up. Plumbing and electrical work continues with ceiling insulation beginning on top floors. The search for furniture is reaching some conclusions as the suite furniture order is being finalized. Bids are going out for common area furniture and office space. Another significant amenity for residence will be free wireless internet. The KSBC tech team has come alongside to help with selecting the best service option.

    It was exciting to be part of Purdue’s Housing Fair at the end of March, and it provided an excellent opportunity to talk with students from all over the world about this exciting international-focused housing option. The eyes of the students lit up as they heard about this unique housing option. There was a genuine excitement and enthusiasm demonstrated as the Crosswalk representatives spoke about this being “More Than a Place to Live!” Please pray for good response from the contacts made at the housing fair. Another good development in the past several weeks has been the cultivation of relationships with key international student organizations on campus, who are also excited about the possibilities Crosswalk will offer to the international student community. Thank you for continuing to pray for God’s blessing regarding these important relational connecting points.

    How can you be involved? First of all, you can pray. Pray for God to open doors of opportunity through this ministry tool (Colossians 4:2-4). You can assist by helping get the word about Crosswalk out via Facebook. You can also assist by forging campus contacts that will cross paths with incoming international students. If you know a key contact on campus that helps new international students with transition needs such as housing, please contact Paul Briggs at: .

    And for visual evidence of the progress, check out the pictures below:

    ThuThursdayAprApril4th2013 Love Is Helping at the Table
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    I have two families for which I give thanks. One is my biological family. The other is my church family at KSBC. When I’m away from either one, I miss them terribly. 

    I have many examples of love from both groups, but one incident illustrates Christ’s love in a wonderful way since it involves the Lord’s Supper. Our congregation shared it one Sunday morning service in which partakers went forward to take the bread and the cup from servers stationed at the front of the sanctuary. I have an amazing propensity to spill liquids due to early-onset Parkinson’s disease, so I thought it best to ask Charlie, who was sitting next to me, to bring me the cup. He kindly agreed, so I remained seated and was thoroughly blessed by the thoughtful people who asked if they could bring me the elements as they filed by. At least five people asked if they could help. It made the Lord’s Supper extra special for me to see believers showing they were Christ-followers by their love. I love you, church family!

    Do you have a story of love being expressed within the Kossuth family? If so, feel free to share your experience and contribute to our ongoing "Love is ____" series for the encouragement of the church. Click here for more details.
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