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    ThuThursdayMarMarch28th2013 Love is ____
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    It was a snowy Tuesday afternoon, and I was heading home to see my family for a few brief moments before returning to the church for a meeting that evening. I was tired, stressed, and in no mood for snow. But as I approached the house, I was greeted by a heart-warming sight—three people with snow shovels braving the cold weather to clean off our driveway. Our neighbor and fellow Kossuth member Jay was there with both of his kids, and they were systematically attacking that unwelcome snow with the urgency, efficiency, and teamwork of a NASCAR pit crew. I was humbled, but not surprised. After all, this wasn’t the first time in the past few years that Jay and his kids had sneaked down to our house to put their shoveling skills to work.

    Spontaneous, unexpected acts of service like that make me think back to the words of Jesus prior to his death: “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). Expressions of love within the body of Christ are like neon signs pointing to the reality of the gospel’s transforming work in our lives. They show that we are a community, a family, a people. In the church, something like shoveling a driveway is far more than a nice, neighborly thing to do. It’s a theological declaration that the blood of Jesus is the most profoundly effective unifying agent that this universe could ever know. By loving each other, we commend the God who so lavishly and sacrificially loved us.

    Here at Kossuth, I have experienced all sorts of loving acts like this—whether it’s the unsolicited offer of a saintly person to watch our daughters so my wife and I can enjoy a quiet date, an encouraging email that is received at just the right time, or an anonymous card that arrives with cash inside of it. And, I am quite certain that I’m not the only one. I know that you have your own stories of how your brothers and sisters have shown love to you in meaningful and edifying ways.

    So, if you have a story, why not tell it? In the coming weeks and months, I’d like to invite you to participate in a campaign here on our Connections blog called, “Love is ___.” You could fill in the blank with a million things. Maybe someone brought you a meal during a rough time. Maybe someone prayerfully helped you fight a persistent sin in your life. Maybe someone gave you a gift or met a material need you were facing. Who knows—maybe someone shoveled your driveway. Just write up your story showing how Christian love has been shown to you recently (regardless of how short or long it is), email it to me (, and we’ll feature it as part of our “Love is ___” series right here on the Connections blog.

    My hope is that sharing these stories will magnify the greatness of our loving God working in and through us while also helping to spur us on toward even greater depths of love for one another. 

    ThuThursdayMarMarch21st2013 Get a Mug!
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    Have you seen the snazzy new mugs that the Welcome Team has begun giving out to visitors? If so, have you thought to yourself, "I'd like to fill out a visitor card so I can get one of those"?

    Well, there's good news. We're now making these mugs available to Kossuth members and regular attenders for a simple donation of $10. Not only will your donation help the Welcome Team to continue funding nice gifts like this for our visitors, but it will also give you a great conversation starter as you take your mug to your favorite coffee shop, to your workplace, or to other places around town where God might put you in contact with unchurched friends.

    If you're interested in getting one of these mugs, you can pick one up this Sunday (3/24) before the Connection Group hour at the table in the common area upstairs. If you can't make it this Sunday, however, mugs will continue to be available through the church office.

    Also, while on the subject, why not take a moment to thank God for John Sprunger, Tom Brelage, and all the volunteers who serve as members of the welcome ministry at Kossuth? Their efforts to make Kossuth a warm, welcoming community are indispensable gifts to our church family.
    ThuThursdayMarMarch21st2013 Remembering God's Goodness in Gatlinburg
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    The SLCF spring break trip to Gatlinburg, TN, was full of lessons, convictions, laughs, and fellowship. I’d like to take a moment to share what I learned.

    We studied Psalm 103 as a group, and from that passage I was able to see that remembering is a spiritual discipline—not just remembering scripture, but the promises and goodness of our God. We are to remember our frailty, remember God’s eternality, and remember the big picture of things. As we see in vs. 14, God knows our frame and remembers that we are dust. We should remember that as well, that we are not eternal but He is.

    In Deut. 7:6-7 we see the Lord having mercy on his people. His only reason for such mercy is His love alone. How amazing is it that the only reason why I am still here is because of His love alone? This ties into Psalms 103:15-18, where we read that the life of a man comes and goes but the steadfast love of God is forever. He sees our need and fills it out of love. We do not deserve any of it but God still fills our needs.

    Another thing that I hope to take away from this trip is the fellowship gained from old and new friends. The vulnerability that every one shared with each other was the result of the Holy Spirit working on hearts. This gave us the joy and freedom of relying on brothers and sisters in Christ to help bear each other’s burdens and uplift each another in prayer.

    A final thing to never lose is the desire to continually dive into the word and pray to the Father of Lights in short or extended periods of time. This trip revived a desire and renewed a joy in me for time alone with God.

    There were many other things learned but these are the few I wanted to share. I’m grateful for how God ministered to my heart on this trip.

    ThuThursdayMarMarch21st2013 Discipleship in D.C.
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    I had the opportunity to go on the Washington D.C. trip with the international students over my spring break, and what a wonderful opportunity it was! Seeing the church work for the glory of God is something that encourages you in ways you cannot believe. In Matthew 28 Jesus gives the command, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” As the church this is our mission, to disciple believers as well as those who do not yet know Christ and his saving power. I saw the church fulfill both of these commands while on the Washington D.C. trip.

    Part of what makes this trip so great is seeing God’s work in the lives of believers. This trip is only possible because of our partnership with a church in the Washington D.C. area. The grace that is seen in the lives of God’s followers as they strive together in unity for one goal while simultaneously encouraging and teaching each other is not something that is easily put on paper. You have to experience this to understand how awesome it is, and it just blows your mind more knowing that God chooses to share this joy with us.

    The greatest part of the trip is seeing God work in the lives of those who do not yet know him. Seeing Christians from our church and the D.C. church talk with students, play games with them, befriend them, open their homes to them, and share the gospel with them is a form of encouragement that I wish everyone would partake in. I’ll share one story that particularly moved me. After finishing a Bible study on the first night a student asked a question that simply blew me away. We had briefly discussed Acts 9 which is about Jesus intervening in Paul’s life and revealing himself in a way that drastically changes Paul’s purpose in life. The student raised his hand and said “What can I do for this to happen to me? I want God to do this for me.” If that doesn’t give you goosebumps I’m not sure what will. Over the course of the week we had several more opportunities to talk and we talked about how similar his story was to Paul’s. He visited America from a foreign country never planning to find God on the road in between, but God used his people to reveal himself to this man when he least expected it.

    Praise God for the opportunities that he gave us on this trip and also pray that God would continue to use the relationships that were made and the discussions that were had to further his kingdom.

    I have plenty more stories that I could tell about this trip and I’d be happy to share them. Each story is a story of how God is using his people to grow his kingdom. I thank God and each one of you for your prayers and active participation in a church that is fulfilling our Matthew 28 command to reach the nations.
    ThuThursdayMarMarch14th2013 New Member Spotlight (3/14/2013)
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    The Membership Ministry Team would like to welcome the following new members: Charlotte Mae Barnes, Ernesto Camarena and J.W. & Stephanie Fansler. They were all voted in as Full Members at the March Family gathering.

    Charlotte is from Fort Wayne, Indiana and is currently a freshman at Purdue University working toward her degree in Speech & Language Pathology. Charlotte began attending KSBC in August 2012 and she is a regular attendee and involved with SLCF.

    J.W. and Stephanie are originally from Bedford, Indiana and have been attending KSBC since August 2012. J. W. is the Assistant Director for the Indiana Council on Economic Education at Purdue University, and Stephanie is small business Accountant and stay-at-home mom to their newborn baby girl Joanna Grace who was born on February 26, 2013. J.W. & Stephanie are regular attendees and involved with E3 Connection Group. 

    Ernesto is originally from El Paso, Texas and has been attending KSBC since the fall of 2011. Ernesto is a Graduate student at Purdue University working toward his Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. He also works as a Graduate Assistant in the Office of International Students and Scholars. Ernesto is a regular attendee and involved with SLCF.

    Please introduce yourself as you see these new members and welcome them to our family. 

    ThuThursdayMarMarch7th2013 Introducing New Outreach Cards
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    Find out about a new tool that we're providing to the church family to equip you as you reach out to friends, neighbors, coworkers, and others whom God brings along your path.

    Outreach Cards from Kossuth Street Baptist Church on Vimeo.

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