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    ThuThursdayFebFebruary28th2013 Family Gathering: What's Up?
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    I would like to offer just a quick reminder and encouragement to be here for our monthly church family meeting called "Family Gathering." This Sunday evening we will enjoy some ministry updates, a time of focused prayer, and then our annual chili cook-off dinner.  

    One of the ministry updates will be from our Tech/Communication Team unveiling a refresh and redesign of our website and print materials. This Deacon Team, along with staff and other KSBCers have been working on this project for a while and look forward to sharing the new look with the church family.

    Also, it is time to buy a scrubber and we need your help to do that (unexpected, unbudgeted, and annoying equipment failure). Plan to join the family this Sunday evening!
    ThuThursdayFebFebruary21st2013 Blessed to Bless: Final Update
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    I sometimes envy the people who get to write, sign and send the checks here at KSBC. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to write a $25,000 or $15,000 check to our missionary partners to help them with a car or building project? It really is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).  

    With thanksgiving to God we are overjoyed to share that we exceeded our goal of $100,000 for our 2012 year-end Blessed to Bless offering! After including some late gifts that arrived in January, the Finance Team reports that the offering total is $100,231.85. As agreed earlier, the $231.85 will be applied to our Crosswalk loan balance while the remainder will be distributed to our missionary partners. The Hornbrooks (Mexico City) and Stilwells (Peru) receive $25,000 each for building projects; the Richners (Brazil) receive $15,000 for a car and 5 of our "closer to home" partners with support needs (Small, Vess, Gottfried, Briggs and Menefee) will receive $7,000 each in their support accounts.

    Thank you for your generous participation! Please pray that our global partners will be encouraged and that our giving will be used of God to advance the building of his church around the world.
    TueTuesdayFebFebruary12th2013 New Member Spotlight (2/12/2013)
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    The Membership Ministry Team would like to welcome the following new members: Erika Litz & Jennifer Smith. Erika was voted in as a Watch Care member and Jennifer as a Full Member at the February Family Gathering.

    Erika is originally from Muncie, Indiana and has been attending KSBC since arriving at Purdue University. Erika is a currently a sophomore at Purdue working toward her degree in Applied Exercise and Health Sciences. Erika is a regular attendee and involved with SLCF. She is joining as a Watch Care member and will keep her full membership at her home church of Trinity Baptist Church in Muncie.

    Jennifer is from West Lafayette, Indiana and has been attending KSBC for the past 2 years. She was baptized at KSBC in April 2012 has been a regular attendee and involved since that time. Jennifer is also involved with Campus Outreach Ministries. She is a senior at Purdue University completing her degree in Fine Arts.  

    Please introduce yourself as you see these new members and welcome them to our family. 

    FriFridayFebFebruary8th2013 Top Recruits Signed!
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    With gratitude to God the elders are so very pleased to announce that both Abraham Cremeens and Drew Humphrey have accepted our offers to join the pastoral ministry team of KSBC. They will join our full time staff upon the completion of their internship and seminary training with a start date around July 1st this year. 

    Abraham will serve as Minister of Discipleship and Worship with continued oversight of Campus ministry. Drew will serve as Minister of Family and Communication with continued oversight of youth ministry.

    We thank God for Abraham and Kari and Drew and Elizabeth. These are godly, skilled and faithful servants as demonstrated by their nearly 3 years of ministry among us. Please thank God with us for his kindness in directing them our way and express your joy and support to the Cremeens and Humphreys as well.

    ThuThursdayFebFebruary7th2013 Q&A with Greg Gilbert
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    Noted author and pastor Greg Gilbert is the featured speaker at the upcoming Together for the Campus conference, which will be held at KSBC on February 22 and 23. We asked him some questions to get to know more about him and his heart for college students.

    Q: Introduce us briefly to yourself, your family, and your current ministry.

    A: I am a Texan by birth, a fact which surprises a lot of people, but one I'm pretty proud of. I did my education at Yale in the north of America, which explains my lack of a cowboy accent. I've been pastor of Third Avenue Baptist for about 2.5 years now. The church is located in Louisville, right next to the campus of the University of Louisville (some of you might know it for its basketball fame!). It's a really young church, probably only about 30 in average age, and there are a ton of college students there every week. It's a fun place to pastor! I'm married to Moriah, and we have three kids—Justin is 10, Jack is 6, and Juliet is 3. Justin's big-time into soccer and football; Jack likes football, and is about to be a green belt in Taekwondo; Juliet's into princesses like you wouldn't believe!

    Q: How and when did God draw you to himself?

    A: It was through the witness of my church and parents. I grew up in a great Christian home, attended a great church, and heard the gospel from as early as I can remember. I was 9 years old when the Lord saved me. I had just heard a sermon and realized my need for Jesus to save me from my sin. So I talked to my dad, he explained the gospel of Jesus more fully to me, and I was converted. I was baptized a few weeks later.

    Q: In your own experiences, how have you seen the importance or value of the church's ministry to college students?

    A: College is an amazing time of life. I often think back to my college days and miss them very much. The friendships you make there and the experiences you have are unique in life. You'll never get to go back to it. Not only that, but it's a massive turning point in people's lives. For many, it's the first time they're really getting to make decisions on their own, so it's also a time when their childhood faith comes up for reexamination. For some, they embrace Christ in college like never before and start to grow as Christian adults now. Others abandon the faith. So the church has a massive role in helping students navigate those issues, answer those questions, and make the transition from a childhood faith in Jesus to a powerful, adult faith in Him that will shape the rest of their lives.

    Q: When it comes to campus ministry, what do you think are the most pressing needs for the church to address?

    A: I think the most important things are to be clear, straight, and humble. In my experience, college students aren't looking for answers that make them feel good and that simply avoid saying hard things. What they want are clear answers from the Bible—straight answers, not mealy-mouthed ones. They want someone to say, "Here's what the Bible says. It may not be easy, but it's true." And then they want to be shown from the Bible how that's the case—to be convinced that what you're saying is really what the Bible teaches. We need to be crazy clear about the content of the Gospel of Jesus, and the teaching of the Bible about all kinds of issues students face. And that clarity needs to be taken straight from the Bible, not from mere tradition or opinion. Beyond that, it seems to me that students are also ridiculously skilled at seeing through smokescreens, and they'll respect a person more if he just says, "I don't know," rather than making up an answer on the spot that doesn't really hold water.

    Q: What are some of the most encouraging words you could offer a college student seeking to have an impact for the gospel on his or her campus?

    A: You only get to do this once. I'm serious. That's what I'd say. You only get to do this once. Like I said, I often think back on my college days and wish I had been more bold in talking to certain people about the gospel. I wasn't, and I regret it to this day. You'll never have another time of life where you have so much time just to sit and talk until late into the night about things that really matter.  Take advantage of that.  Everyone wants to have "an impact." You know how to do that? You have to talk to people. Yes, make friends and build relationships, but eventually you have to spend some of that relational capital to talk to them about Jesus. Swallow your fears and do that 20 times in an academic year, and you'll make an impact. You only get to do this once. Take advantage of it.

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