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    TueTuesdayDecDecember17th2013 2013: Kossuth's Year in Review
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    Throughout the Bible, one of the primary responsibilities of God's people is to remember. Whether it's a mighty act of deliverance from enemies, a gracious offer of forgiveness from sin, or a timely means of provision for needs, the people of God have always made it a habit (or tried to make it a habit) to find hope for the future by remembering God's faithfulness in the past.

    As we come to the end of 2013, we naturally look with anticipation toward the year ahead. But before we launch into the new adventures ahead of us, let's take a moment to reflect upon God's goodness to us this past year. And what better way to get a snapshot of these past 12 months than by browsing back across some of the Connections articles from 2013? So take this quick walk down memory lane and give thanks to God for another year of steadfast love and faithfulness. Here are a few of the notable headlines from 2013:

    January 9: Q&A with the Harkleroads
    Our year started with an adoption fundraiser for Mark and Ashley Harkleroad, which helped them bring home their new son Max shortly thereafter, now fully a part of their family and ours.

    February 7: Q&A with Greg Gilbert
    In February, we welcomed pastor and author Greg Gilbert to town for the inaugural Together for the Campus conference, held right here at Kossuth. Many college students benefited from this 2-day event championed by a number of campus ministries.

    February 21: Blessed to Bless: Final Update
    Once the money was counted and the numbers were crunched, we rejoiced in the news of a $100,000 year-end offering. This was then sent on to some of our missions partners for the advance of the gospel around the world.

    April 4: Crosswalk Update
    All you need to do is look at the pictures in this article to see just how far the Crosswalk project has come this year. Can you believe that the building has already housed students for one full semester?

    May 15: Growing Families
    Once again, we had the joy this year of celebrating the new lives of many children in our church. We had the privilege of formally declaring our partnership with these families as they seek to raise their children to know and fear God.

    May 29: Register for Summer School
    It was exciting to announce our very first Kossuth Summer School, a four-week offering of elective courses covering conflict resolution, one-to-one Bible reading, and cultural engagement.

    July 25: Love Is Ongoing Care
    Throughout the summer months, we got to read a variety of "Love Is ___" stories from numerous people in our church family. Perhaps our favorite was this one, written by Kossuth's most senior member.

    August 22: Picnic Recap & Pictures
    We wrapped up our summer by gathering at Columbian Park for a fun, well-attended picnic. Lots of games, conversation, and delicious food made for a great end-of-summer celebration.

    September 5: Internship Reflections
    This summer we had Jed Kampen join the Kossuth team as an intern. The blessings from this brief internship were abundant!

    September 25: Missions: Closer Than You Think
    For this year's missions emphasis, we were encouraged to re-think the way we approach the subject of missions. Missions isn't just for a select few who move overseas; it's for all of us!

    October 13: Pastor Appreciation Month Video
    In an attempt to show honor to our elders and have fun doing it, some of us staff guys got together to encourage the men who lead us well.

    November 7: Let's Talk About Sex
    The month of November brought us our third annual Men's Summit. During this great weekend, some 40 men from our church were encouraged to think in a more biblical and God-centered way about their sexuality.

    As you review these stories, what other memories come to mind? How have you seen God at work? In what ways have you been encouraged this past year? Make your own list, and give thanks to God for how he has been actively involved in our church family to continue forming us into a community that loves him and shares his love with others.

    ThuThursdayDecDecember12th2013 New Member Spotlight (12/12/2013)
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    The Membership Ministry Team would like to welcome the following new members: Justin & Kailynn Dearinger, Maria Wilson, and Zachariah Hughes. They were voted in as full members at the December Family Gathering.

    Justin and Kailynn are from Dayton, Indiana, and have been attending Kossuth for the past year. Justin works in Supervision with the Department of Child Services and Kailynn is a teacher at Bright Horizons Family Solutions. Justin and Kailynn have two children, a son Bowdyn (5) and daughter Maci (3). Justin and Kailynn are regular attendees and involved with Beloved Connections Group.

    Maria is originally from San Carlos, Ecuador, and came to the U.S. in October 2007 after being adopted by Kossuth members Steve and Mitti Wilson. Maria is a home schooled high school student, and she is a regular attendee and involved with the student ministry and Awana, where she is a helper with Puggles.

    Zachariah (Zach) is from Arlington, Texas, and has been attending Kossuth since arriving at Purdue University in August 2013. Zach is a graduate student working toward his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Zach is a regular attendee in the E3 Connections Group and Armstrong Care Group.  

    Please introduce yourself as you see Justin, Kailynn, Maria & Zach and welcome them to the Kossuth family. 

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