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    WedWednesdayNovNovember20th2013 Book Recommendation: Found in Him
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    The hustle and bustle of Christmas is nearly upon us, which means that it’s time for the annual onslaught of Christian voices decrying the tragic commercialization and secularization of the holidays. And while I suppose that these folks make some worthwhile points, I must confess that I usually remain unaffected by their rhetoric. It’s not because I’m apathetic about Christmas losing its meaning. It’s because I’ve come to realize that the greatest threat endangering me of not having a Christ-centered Christmas isn’t a Walmart Black Friday sale or the Starbucks baristas generically wishing me “Happy Holidays.” The greatest threat facing me this Christmas is my own short-sighted, forgetful, inwardly focused heart.

    I’m naturally prone to marginalize the mysteries of the incarnation. I take for granted the glorious reality that God himself would take on flesh to bring his people into eternal fellowship with him. So whether it’s Christmas season or any other time of the year, my heart needs to be regularly kindled by fresh encounters with our incarnate Lord. I need to be routinely refueled by high-octane, gospel-saturated theology. I’m sure you can relate. If you don’t intentionally set your gaze on the wonders of Christ, you’ll overlook them altogether. The true Grinch lives within.

    In her new book Found in Him: The Joy of the Incarnation and Our Union with Christ, Elyse Fitzpatrick hits the nail on the head:

    The incarnate God-man Jesus Christ is completely matchless, and his condescension to humanity’s earthiness, finitude, frailty, and sin should astonish us and provoke worship. But the sad truth is that we’ve become so very familiar with this story that we can hum carols during the Christmas season while we shop for trinkets and never once fall on our faces in awe.

    Throughout the course of her book, Fitzpatrick helps us to do just that—to fall on our faces in awe—by offering up a delightfully refreshing meditation on the twin doctrines of Jesus’ incarnation and our union with him. But she doesn’t do it in a detached, dry, academically hollow manner. She does it with fervor and warmth and wonder. In fact, Fitzpatrick has the unique ability to present theologically deep truths in a doxologically soaring manner. To read this book is to worship.

    Many of us are tempted to think that such theological reflections are impractical or irrelevant for our daily lives. But this assumption couldn’t be more distant from the truth. Fitzpatrick laments, “It’s a sad reality that many Christians spend their entire lives wandering around a spiritual wilderness, malnourished, thirsting, and consuming rubbish because they have never feasted on the soul-consoling, heart-transforming, zeal-engendering truth found in the study of the incarnation and union.” What's at stake here is nothing less than our spiritual health. Our souls are too often content with snacking on junk food when what we really need is a feast!

    So while you’re buying your presents and hanging your multi-colored lights and planning your holiday travels, I would encourage you to grab this book and take a few moments to stop, reflect, and celebrate the magnificent mystery of Christ becoming like us so that we might be found in him

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    WedWednesdayNovNovember13th2013 Christmas for Everyone
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    If you are new to Kossuth or to the community, Christmas for Everyone is a program administered by the Red Cross to help provide Christmas gifts to families who need assistance. Here at Kossuth, we have been partnering with the Red Cross since the program began almost 15 years ago. And we are gearing up to do so again this year, sponsoring 100 children. 

    Families are sorted by zip code as much as possible, so the families we sponsor will be from our neighborhood. They will come to KSBC on December 14 to pick up their gifts and shop for bonus gifts, and we will be able to meet and interact with them. 

    If you’d like to participate and help out, you will have the opportunity to shop for a child, providing $35 in gifts. Or, if you don’t like to shop, you can provide funds for other to shop for you. You will also have the opportunity to call families to remind them of their appointment, provide cookies for families, wrap gifts on December 14, or host a family while they shop at KSBC. There will also be a box in the foyer for bonus gifts if you would like to contribute gifts which the parents will shop for. And if you happen to know Spanish, we will need individuals to help as interpreters.

    Please watch the bulletin for a flyer to fill out so you can participate. Also, please be praying that we will be able to reach these families with the gospel. 

    TueTuesdayNovNovember12th2013 The Cafe Returns!
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    On Thursday, December 5, the Kossuth Café series makes its much-anticipated return with musical guests Barrett Myers & Kara Richards along with the Coonharts, an ensemble made up of some really talented musicians in our college ministry headed up by Andrew Swinehart and Kevin Cooney. The Café runs from 6:30-9:30pm in the ministry center and will highlight our equally talented kitchen crew’s ability to make delightfully warm beverages and serve delicious holiday treats.

    The Café exists to create a neutral but welcoming venue for the Kossuth church family to use as a tool to complement relationships they have in outreach to our community. The Café does not exist so that we can all get together and listen to cool music – that’s just a side effect. What a perfect opportunity we have as we have been studying about outreach and discipleship, and some of us just need that perfect opportunity to stare us down in order to get the ball rolling. Well, friends, here it is! So, at the very least, make plans to join us that night in anticipation of coming and investing in someone’s life and being an encouragement to your fellow Kossuthites. If you have studying to do, bring it along – we have WiFi!

    If you are wondering if you can help serve in any way, here are a few options for you. I have had a few people volunteer to bring in snacks and desserts for the event but could always use a few more. Please remember to have your items to the church by Thursday, December 5 at noon so we can get the items plated and ready to serve later that evening. If you drop things off earlier in the week, please just make sure you label your food for the Kossuth Café. We are still looking for a couple hosts for the evening to add to our already fabulous staff as well as a few people to volunteer to serve in the kitchen or stay a few minutes afterward to help clean up. We also could use a few people who would be willing to come Thursday during the day to get things set up and ready to go for a fantastic evening! If any of these opportunities sound like something you want to help out with, please let me know as soon as possible. You can contact me via email at or call or text me at 786.490.1621. 

    TueTuesdayNovNovember12th2013 New Member Spotlight (11/12/2013)
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    The Membership Ministry Team would like to welcome the following new members: Dan & Laurie Clark and Heather Glenn. The Clarks were voted in as full members and Heather was voted in as a watchcare member at the November Family Gathering. 

    Dan & Laurie have been attending KSBC for a little over one year and are regular attendees and involved with the Beloved Connections Group. Dan is a retired chemistry teacher from Frontier School Corporation and Laurie is local marketing director for Chick-Fil-A. 

    Heather is from Delphi, Indiana and has been attending KSBC since August 2011. Heather is a senior at Purdue University working toward her degree in Professional & Creative Writing. Heather is a regular attendee and on the leadership team of SLCF.  

    Please introduce yourself as you see Dan, Laurie and Heather and welcome them to our family. 

    ThuThursdayNovNovember7th2013 Let's Talk About Sex
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    Sex. It’s one of those words you can drop which should be compared to nothing less than a vocabulary bomb. I even had an English teacher in high school use it once as an introduction to a speech. “Sex,” he yelled at the class, then proceeded with, “and now that I have your attention, let me say what I wanted to say…” Effective. He had our attention.
    The word is loaded, especially since culture has very productively contorted it to mean all sorts of things. And this has no doubt infiltrated the church.
    But, culture was never designed to define sex or love or anything for that matter. God is the determiner of such things, and he has made his will in all areas of life clear in his Word.
    As I think, pray and prepare for the Men’s Summit this year, I’m excited. I’m excited because I believe we men could and will move toward greater purity and holiness to such a degree that not only will our own lives be more God-honoring, but that our marriages and families will be strengthened as well.
    What if, as a result of this weekend, a large number of our Kossuth men took significant steps in believing the Gospel and killing sin in their lives? What if co-workers began to notice that there was something different about the men at Kossuth? What if neighbors saw an even greater difference in how Kossuth men treat their wives compared to the rest of the neighborhood. But, better yet, what if Kossuth wives (and future wives) came to a place where they regularly thanked God for the work He did through the Men’s Summit this year because they see their husbands loving them more effectively? Don’t they deserve that?
    The Summit this year will tackle the topic in three waves. Friday night will consist of looking at all the good that God says about sex and love in the Scriptures. It is an opportunity to reformat our minds and hearts to see God’s plan and intention in how sex and love are to play out in a marriage according to his standards. Saturday morning we will look at how we tend to distort that plan and we will work to see sin for the monster and destroyer it is. Last, in the afternoon, we will look at the Gospel and apply it in how we fight sexual sin and put it to death.
    Please sign up for this wonderful weekend.
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