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    ThuThursdayNovNovember29th2012 Year-End Giving
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    The days are getting shorter, the Christmas trees are going up, and the pages in our 2012 planners are about to run out. That can only mean one thing: it's time to reach deep into our pockets for the KSBC 2012 year-end offering. In case you missed it, the elders have announced the details for this year's endeavor in generosity:

    The ‘Blessed to Bless’ 2012 KSBC year end offering will go to help advance the gospel through support of special needs and projects of several of our current global partners. The designation of the offering (up to $100,000) will be as follows:
    • 35% - to help build up the support accounts of Briggs, Gottfried, Small, Menefee and Vess. Each is facing a shortage. This portion equally distributed to these 5 missionary partners will be a great encouragement to them as they seek to build their supporter base.
    • 50% - to help the Stilwell's (Peru) and Hornbrook's (Mexico City) with capital fund raising projects related to their church planting ministries. This portion equally distributed to these 2 missionary partners will encourage them and the national believers they work with as they are seeking God's provision for necessary property and buildings.
    • 15% - to help the Richner's (Brazil) purchase a much needed vehicle for use in their church planting ministry in Ivoti. Their reports are encouraging as they reach out to this community with the gospel.
    Should the Lord bless in such a way that our 2012 offering exceeds $100,000, the surplus will be designated toward our Crosswalk debt retirement. Our plan is that the 2013 year end offering will be designated entirely to the early retirement of our Crosswalk debt.

    This is an exciting time for us as a Church to prove with our checkbooks that we take seriously the God-given  privilege of being a blessing to all nations of the earth. How are you planning to participate?
    ThuThursdayNovNovember29th2012 Cookies, please!
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    I have had the privilege of watching God work miraculously through KSBC as we reach out to children each year through Christmas for Everyone. An important part of our outreach is providing cookies and punch while parents are at KSBC wrapping gifts and sending home a small bag of cookies to be enjoyed later. We obviously need cookies to make this happen. If you are able to provide cookies, please let me know ( or 765-385-2401) and have them at KSBC by noon on Friday, December 7.

    We can always use more wrappers to help parents wrap gifts on December 8, as well.  If you would like to help, please let me know. Let’s partner together to serve our community!

    FriFridayNovNovember16th2012 A Peek at Children's Ministry
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    Three faithful KSBC children's workers—Sally Casey, Andrea Ridge, and Andria Sprunger—answered some questions about children's ministry in order to give you a peek into what it's like to serve with the youngsters in our church.

    CONNECTIONS: How do you serve with the children’s ministry, and how long have you been involved?

    SALLY C: I started serving in the church nursery after becoming a member of KSBC in 1997. Through the years, I have served as a teacher/helper in all the preschool age children's church classes. Recently, I have been teaching in the 4 year olds Sunday School and Children's Church classes as well as serving as a leader in AWANA. 

    ANDREA R: I teach during Connection Group hour, along with my husband, Scott. I have taught K-1, 3s, and helped teach alongside Mrs. Smelser in the 4th-5th grade classroom. I’m also a leader in AWANA for SPARKS. I have helped in ministering to children since I became a member.

    ANDRIA S: I am a teacher in the 3s and 4s Sunday School class. I have been involved in this role for 2 1/2 months. 

    CONNECTIONS: What made you decide to get plugged into this part of the church?

    ANDRIA S: I am passionate about children's ministry. I have two kids in the children's programs at Kossuth, and I want the ministry to be strong for them. Children's ministry is interesting, because it's not glamorous at all, and it requires a lot of energy. However, I am always amazed how God blesses me when I serve—whether it's in VBS, Sunday School, etc. I believe God passionately loves our little ones, and when we respond in obedience to loving on them and ministering to them, He will in turn richly bless us.  

    SALLY C: I was asked to consider serving in Children's Ministry by Pastoral Intern Jim Koerber.  At first, I did not feel comfortable. However, the Lord softened my heart for teaching the children with a passage of scripture, Mark 10:13-14, where Jesus said to his disciples, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."  In order to be more like Jesus, I knew that I needed to welcome, love, and pray for the children.

    CONNECTIONS: What’s your favorite part of serving with children?

    ANDREA R: Children are always so eager. They appreciate the time you spend with them.

    ANDRIA S: Being reminded of the basic, Biblical truths—the victories and failures of our forefathers and the victory we have in Jesus. When you have to take Biblical truths to such a simple level, it's good to be reminded of them. Also, we have fun! Kids are fun—they love music, moving, and playing. They're infectious.

    CONNECTIONS: How have you seen God use the children’s ministry to build up the KSBC family?

    SALLY C: I believe God uses the Scripture memory programs to give the children knowledge of Bible verses that can be applied for the rest of their lives. The Children's Ministry is used by God to allow parents to attend a Connection group and be encouraged in their personal walk with the Lord. These Connection groups provide prayer support and sound biblical teaching to help the adults grow in their Christian faith. 

    ANDREA R: Through children’s ministry the Word of God is shared. The Word of God builds up individuals and families. Every part of the body of Christ needs fed and ministered to, spiritually. It is a blessing to be a part of building up faith in children and watching God illuminate lives with truth.

    ThuThursdayNovNovember15th2012 Happy Thanksgiving!
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    We have lots of fun in Gospel Academy—our ministry for middle school students on Wednesday evenings. And as you can see in this special holiday video, sometimes we have a little too much fun. Enjoy this Thanksgiving greeting made just for you by some of our students:

    ThuThursdayNovNovember8th2012 Crosswalk Groundbreaking: A Photo Essay
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    Images from the groundbreaking ceremony for Crosswalk Commons, November 4, 2012.

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