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    FriFridayJanJanuary27th2012 Breaking the cycle of poverty
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    The Psalmist declares, "Blessed is the one who considers the poor!" (Ps. 41:1). We all like the "blessed" part, but how on earth do we get it? After all, who exactly are the "poor"? And what does it mean to "consider" them?

    If you're interested in these questions, then you'll want to know about an upcoming training event in our city. Next Saturday, February 4, from 9am to noon, Covenant Church will be hosting a seminar called "Poverty 101", which is designed to help Christians understand the true nature of poverty and how to help address it. The seminar will feature Tim Streett, who serves as Assistant Director of Shepherd Community Center in Indianapolis. More information about the seminar and the speaker can be found by viewing the Poverty 101 flyer.

    Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity to better understand your community, and learn how you can be an agent of redemption among those who are bound in poverty.
    ThuThursdayJanJanuary26th2012 The good girl's testimony
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    I was always the good girl. I’m not sure what my motivation was, although it’s God’s grace that I didn’t party with my longtime friends, but I had a burden on my back because I didn’t know how good I had to be to go to heaven. When our family moved to Africa away from the security of home when I was 15, God drew me to Himself in the midst of overwhelming loneliness and depression and I was no longer an agnostic, although I didn’t know why Jesus had come. When our family returned to the States a year later, I went to a Christian meeting where I heard the gospel and realized that Jesus had paid the price for the sinful person I knew I was inside, and the burden rolled off my back. I was thrilled and shared with people as best as possible within the limits of vague doctrine, about the wonder of Christ’s sacrificial love. John 10:10 became my verse, where Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” To LIFE, l’chaim!

    I didn’t truly understand Christ’s love until 14 years later however. I was the married good girl now, and the vague doctrine and our own poor choices affected our marriage to the extent that we needed spiritual counseling. Whenever we talked to someone, my husband’s more visible actions were addressed and I came across as the good wife, successfully hiding my hard heart. One evening, I became enraged with my spouse’s hurtful behavior and begged the Lord to strike my husband somehow. God was good at that in the Old Testament. If the floor opened into a chasm that swallowed up my spouse, well, we had insurance.

    To my shock, I felt like God was saying, “What about you?” Me! How could God ask me that? I was the good girl! But it was as if God drew back a veil and revealed my icy heart of stone and I realized I could not forgive. I’d read Matthew 18 and knew I had to forgive, but it was impossible. The thought of losing the Lord’s fellowship appalled me and I cried in panic, “I’m willing, Lord, but I can’t do it!” Then the precious Holy Spirit surrounded me with forgiving love, and I finally understood how she who is forgiven much loves much. I fell in love with Jesus Christ and forgave my husband through Christ’s strength, and it changed everything. God is love; it’s the merciful truth, and I have learned so much at KSBC that I just want to keep growing in Christ until I meet Him face to face!

    MonMondayJanJanuary23rd2012 Cincinnati: A student's perspective
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    [Editor's Note: Praveen Kumar is a PhD student in Computer Science at Purdue University.]

    SLCF organized a 3 day trip to Cincinnati last weekend. Thirteen of us made it to the trip. We reached Cincinnati in the evening and we were introduced to the host families. They were very welcoming. We had a small game about Cincinnati that got us introduced to the city. I was surprised to learn that the football team was named the Cincinnati Bengals, named after Indian Bengal tigers (I am from India!).

    My host family was total fun. We were up till late into the night and played a lot of games. I would really like to appreciate the efforts of SLCF, as events like these help international students like me learn and be a part of American culture. The next day, we had the morning church service and we had a tour of the city.

     The best part of my trip was the following. One of my college friends from India who now lives in Cincinnati actually wanted to go to church but couldn’t as there were none in his locality. I introduced him to the pastor of Delhi Hills Church. He was so happy and I felt elated. Finally, we visited the Creation Museum—a museum that explains creation and evolution by illustrating events from the Bible. I had never been to such a museum before.

    Finally, I am grateful to SLCF for organizing such events and I hope they keep organizing them for the students who come in the future!

    FriFridayJanJanuary20th2012 Salt & Light on the slopes
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    Recently, about 25 members of Salt & Light Christian Fellowship embarked on our annual ski trip. After a sketchy 8 hour drive through lake effect snow with many theological discussions, we arrived at Immanuel Church in Traverse City, Michigan where Pastor Ben Whipple and the congregation graciously opened up their church for us to stay in. The next morning, after a night of sleeping on the pews, we departed for Caberfae Ski Resort for a day of tackling the slopes. While some attacked the slopes with ease, others like me had trouble staying upright and succumbed to numerous wipeouts. Regardless, we all enjoyed the experience of being with friends and engaging in good conversation on the slopes. Sunday morning, we had the privilege of worshipping with Immanuel’s congregation. Joining a small but mighty church body, we were able to sing praises to God and glory in His blessings together. After lunch with Ben’s family, we headed back home.

    Throughout the trip, our spiritual focus was growing in our hunger for God. As Psalm 63 reminds us, our hunger for God should exceed our hunger for a nice steak dinner, and it should be present even when faced with rough situations, as David was when writing the psalm. For me, this concept of hungering for God is easier said than done. I was encouraged however, to enhance my devotion to God by looking for pointers to him throughout my day. Whether it is a craving for water after a long run pointing me to the cleansing Christ gives through His death, or a trip down the ski slopes pointing to God’s picturesque creation, the revelations of God are all around me. Please pray for us in Salt & Light as we aim to grow with the Sprit’s help in hungering for God all the more.    

    TueTuesdayJanJanuary17th2012 Campus connections connect
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    At 7:15 on Monday morning, January 9, my boss popped into my office to let me know that we needed an interpreter for our customer visiting that day from China. With such short notice, he did not know how we were going to accomplish that and asked if I had any ideas. “I might be able to help out,” I replied. With some amazement, he left me to that task and headed off to tackle another issue regarding the visit. I quickly called Angela and asked her to email all the contacts that we had at Purdue and SLCF to see if anyone knew someone that could act as translator for these customers on very short notice.

    Rewind to August 2010 when a new doctoral student and his wife arrived at Purdue from China knowing no one. This couple came to the furniture give-away, but their assigned number was toward the end of the list, and while they did not get any furniture that day, they did leave with dishes and a contact with Paul Briggs. Eventually, Paul did hook them up with a couch from Tom Richardson and they were very thankful. The student’s wife, Gloria, ended up becoming Erica Briggs’ Chinese teacher.

    Fast-forward back to January 9, 2012. Paul called me at 9:30 to let me know that Gloria was willing to help and would be ready to head toward Frankfort by 10:00. With much nervousness, Gloria arrived at our plant around 10:30. I quickly briefed her on what her task would be for the day and took her into the conference room to meet our customer. When she introduced herself in Chinese, their eyes lit up. Gloria was in our plant for 4 hours and her presence was the key to a successful visit for our customer.

    When I took her back to meet Paul, we were both overwhelmed by how this all came together and all Paul could say was “this is a God thing, I’m telling you, a God thing”. What a blessing it was to have a front row seat and witness how God used a lack of furniture in 2010 to create a relationship with a student’s wife from China to reach back to China by translating in Frankfort!

    What a blessing it is for KSBC to have the connections we do with students from across this country and around the world. You never know how those connections will connect. 

    FriFridayJanJanuary13th2012 Christmas dishes and Bibles
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    I've come a long way in these last ten years of parenting. So far, that as I was packing up Christmas decorations, Tess was allowed to have one last tea party with my Christmas dishes.

    That's far, folks. Deep breath.

    You see, I used to save nice dishes for when guests were over. When I really wanted to impress someone. But most of the time, I would display them in the hutch as part of the holiday decor, but would rarely use them. In fact, I usually ended up dusting them more than someone actually ate from them. Wait, I forgot that I don't dust in December. Heh. But if I did dust, they would certainly need it. They were used so rarely that sometimes I would even forget about them entirely.

    But having kids conveniently, eventually does something for most of us parents and our view of material things. Mostly because nothing in our homes can ever be held sacred again after a two year old has crossed its path. What once was organized and well taken care of suddenly begins to resemble those second rate items in a furniture store: once lovely and highly desired, but now residing in the scratch and dent aisle in the very back of the warehouse.

    Only my stuff is a little stickier.

    As I think about the new year, I don't want my Bible to become like my Christmas dishes. Out for display, but never used practically for its intended purpose. I don't want to only pull it out when I have guests over, or when I really want to impress someone with just the right words, or wait until (gasp) a church service to find it useful. If I'm not intentional in its use, it will sit in the same spot long enough to collect dust, and I'll pass over it just like I do other nic-nacs that sit around my house. An item that's nice to have, but never truly taken down and enjoyed.

    Let's be honest, I've been on again and off again in my Bible reading plenty of times before, and I've had enough time to learn my lesson. I need it daily. Yes, daily. Not because I'm some legalistic rule-follower, but because I'm messed up enough that I need Jesus every minute of every day. And His Word is His voice calling out to me, showing me the way.

    I have a plan for the new year. I know myself well enough to know that no plan means no follow-through. I'm keeping it simple or otherwise I'll fail. It doesn't require childcare or money, and I don't even have to get out of my pajamas if I don't want to. Just a small commitment of a few minutes each morning. And you'll never believe it, but someone has already done all of the preparation for me. I just have to be obedient.

    [Editor's Note: This article originally appeared at Whitney's blog Raisin' 4. To read about Whitney's Bible reading plan, click here.]

    TueTuesdayJanJanuary10th2012 Lunch for new international students
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    Marilyn Richardson and Karen Musser and a team of people hosted about 45 brand new international students for a lunch at our church on Saturday, January 7. This opportunity to serve was given to us by Purdue’s International Students and Scholars (ISS) office. The ISS office organized Purdue transportation for these students to go WalMart, with a stop at our church for lunch. What an amazing opportunity to welcome the students and serve them in this way! 


    TueTuesdayJanJanuary3rd2012 Meeting our newest members
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    The Membership Ministry Team would like to welcome the following new members. Yating Haller, Jedidiah Kampen, Dan & Nicole Harmeson and Robbie Beecher. They were all voted in as full members at the December Family Gathering.

    Yating is originally from Taiwan, then moved to the United States for schooling. Yating attended the University of Oregon where she earned her BA degree in Cross Cultural Studies, and Vanderbilt University where she earned her PhD in International Education. Yating then moved to Lafayette in 2006 when she began working at Purdue University. She now works in the College of Engineering with her focus on Global Internship Studies Abroad. Yating is involved with SLCF International and was recently baptized at the December Family Gathering. Yating is also married to KSBC member John Haller.

    Jedidiah is originally from DePere, Wisconsin and he is currently a junior at Purdue University. Jed is working toward his degree in Nuclear Engineering and he is in the Navy ROTC. Jed began attending KSBC in March of 2010, he is a regular attendee of SLCF, and he is on the Discipleship Team of SLCF as well.

    Dan and Nicole are from Lafayette, Indiana. Dan works at Purdue University as a Coordinator in the Biology Department and Nicole is an assist-coordinator with Women/Infant &Children (WIC). Dan & Nicole have been attending KSBC since 2008 and are regular attendees and involved in the Harvesters ABF. Dan and Nicole have a son named Olin.

    Robbie is from Lafayette, Indiana and he is the son of KSBC members Rob and Leza Beecher. Robbie is home schooled and is currently a freshman. He is a regular attendee of the KSBC high school youth group and he is a helper in Awana’s with the Cubbies group.

    Please introduce yourself as you see these new members and welcome them to our family.

    And if you’re interested in joining KSBC as well, be sure to join us for the Membership Matters class this Friday (Jan. 6) at the church from 6:00 to 8:30 PM. Contact the church office for more information.

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