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    WedWednesdayDecDecember7th2011 Christmas, coffee, and community
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    The Kossuth Café team is pleased to announce the return of one of our favor-ite bands: U-turn! They have been in-vited back for the Kossuth Café Christmas Edition and are sure to be heart-warming on a cold evening in December. You can catch the band and enjoy the entertainment while sipping a peppermint mocha and snacking on some Christmas cookies this Thursday, December 8 from 7-10 PM in the Ministry Center.

    We have changed the format of our café a bit after feedback from attendees at our past events to allow more time for mingling and fellowship with visitors and each other. Pray how you can use this café event to outreach to our community. Please consider coming to be part of our event, whether it be for the whole three hours or just a stop by to warm up during your Christmas shopping. Students, feel free to bring your laptops as Wi-Fi will be available once again and enjoy a night out either to relax or study. More information can be found on our Facebook page.
    WedWednesdayDecDecember7th2011 Cookies and gift tags and teens -- oh my!
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    What started out as a thought for a ladies’ fun event turned into something much more. Yes, the ladies who came to the “Show Me How…” event had a lot of fun as we were shown how to ice and decorate cookies and as we put gift tags together. There was a lot of playful banter and laughter and conversation. But there was also another purpose for these plates of beautifully decorated cookies.

    A group of teens got together on Sunday and took the plates of cookies to the neighbors of Kossuth Street Baptist Church—to wish them a Merry Christmas and also to invite them to the Christmas events being held at our church in the next few weeks. These students were able to use the plates of cookies to express gratitude on behalf of all of us for the graciousness and kindness of those who live in the shadow of our church building.

    How neat to be able to combine something fun, like icing cookies and making tags, with an outreach to our church neighbors! Be in prayer that this small gesture of kindness will result in fruit for God’s kingdom. Thank you to all who participated in the making and taking and also for praying.
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