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    TueTuesdayNovNovember22nd2011 Psalm 2011
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    A song of Thanksgiving to KSBC.

    1 Give praise to the Lord for the works He has done,
             He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    2 He provides meals to the sick and hungry,
             He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    3 He visits those that are infirmed
             He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    4 The yards of the aged He cleans and maintains
             He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    5 He delivers sermons on CDs to those kept in their homes
             He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    6 Over coffee He listens to encourage and give guidance
    He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    7 With cards and notes He remembers special dates and events
    He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    8 With a heart of care and concern He confronts those captured in sin,
    He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    9 Unseen and in silence He supports through His prayers
    He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    10 From His own portion He gives to those in need
    He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    11 He watches over children, so a marriage can grow
    He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    12 He cleans the house of the one laid low with pain
    He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    13 He rejoices with those that are given new life,
    He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    14 With open arms He accepts those seeking forgiveness
    He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    15 In joy He joins others in songs of praise
    He equips each member to build the body up in love

    16 He rocks babies and gives rest to their parents
    He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    17 To the new-comer He shares His time and smile
    He equips each member to build the body up in love.

    18 Give praise to the Lord for the works He has done. 

    MonMondayNovNovember21st2011 God Saves Sinners
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    God saves sinners. Here’s how He saved me.

    God blessed me with the opportunity to grow up in a home and church where I heard the gospel at an early age. Because of God’s grace in my life, I submitted to the truth of the gospel sometime in middle school. My sin became vividly apparent to me because as I desired to fit in with the crowd I had perceived as popular, I compromised what I knew was right with what I knew would be accepted. The strange thing was that I quickly realized that I hated these actions. I was convicted about my sin. There was a tension in me. I wanted to be cool, and yet I had a greater desire to not sin and to glorify God.

    At this time also, I began to feel a burden develop in my heart for my lost friends at school. I knew they were pursuing worldly things, and that is not our created purpose. They were worshipping the created rather than the Creator. My heart hurt for them, and I wanted them to know Christ as Savior as I did. I went on into high school, and God continued to develop this missional mindset in my head. The freedom I experienced in Christ was immense, and out of my love for my friends, I wanted them to know the truth. My junior year, I was challenged by a pastor back home in Indianapolis to grow in the way that I practically lived out sharing my faith. I began to be more intentional in regularly hanging out with my unsaved friends on the weekends. I was able to share the gospel with a lot of them. By God’s grace I continued to live this way at Purdue. I am growing in my love for Christ, my love for His church, and my friends who do not know as Savior. I desire that God would save them and that they would know Him as Lord and Savior and that they would live for Him the rest of their lives.

    The amazing thing in all this is that it is totally God’s grace in my life that I’m living this way, that I’m seeking to live for His glory alone. I know the depths of sin in my heart, and I only have the strength to fight it all by the power of God’s Spirit in me. There’s a battle in my mind everyday to fight sin or to give in. Without Christ in my life, I know I’d be sold out to fully gratifying the desires of my sinful self. I know what lies in my heart. I’m prideful, manipulative, selfish and arrogant. I struggle daily with these things. The reason I can fight the temptation to fulfill my worldly desires at all is because of Christ and his substitutionary atonement for my sins and the power of God’s Holy Spirit in me. It’s not me. I didn’t choose this. It’s God and His grace and love and mercy and power alone. I am humbled in light of the fact that I am the wicked sinner that I am, yet God has chosen that I may bring Him glory and that commune with Him as loving Father and Savior. By God’s I have been saved. To Him alone be the glory.

    Editor’s Note: If you’ve missed any of the first three sermons in our current “God Saves Sinners” series, then catch up by listening online:
    FriFridayNovNovember11th2011 The Solace of a Sovereign God
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    It will never pass from my memory: the night I sat, rocking a sleeping toddler, weeping in the glow of the nightlight in the nursery almost eleven years ago. I had just miscarried our second child, a life that I was ecstatic to welcome. I had allowed my mind to race ahead of reality those first weeks, considering what kind of stroller to best carry two cherubs, imagining two little boys digging holes in the backyard to run their trucks through, seeing in my mind's eye the three of us singing and laughing in the car on the way to the grocery. Hopes and dreams had swelled against the boundaries of my mind, and I was delighted and feeling very rich. Then suddenly, the baby was gone—slipped away in a wash of sorrow, carrying all my dreams away with it.

    As I sat in the quiet of that soft darkness, my arms wrapped around the warm weight of my son, I called out to God in anguish, with the question that rose from the depth of both my sorrow and pride: "Why?"

    And His answer came quickly and as clearly as if it were audibly spoken into that room, and more tenderly than I could have ever imagined it: "You think you should be able to understand why. But you can't. It's not because I don't want you to, but your ways and your thoughts are not the same as Mine. Mine are far beyond yours. But you can trust Me: I have a good plan."

    Like a gentle breeze blowing through the room, I felt His assurance, the safety of knowing—like the child I am—that, even though I am small and weak and overpowered by things beyond me, my Father is big and strong, and He holds me securely in His mighty and gentle hand. That was comfort in the most profound sense that I had ever experienced. Things were not reeling out of control. God had all the bases covered, and I didn't have to figure it out. I could rest and look for His hand to set into place new and glorious things.

    That assurance, the confidence I received that night has strengthened me time and again when life is hard. And, even now, when I look beyond myself and wonder and worry at what I see—when I say, "What about her or him? What will happen for them?"—He smoothes my worried brow and says, "My child, don't you understand? My love and My good plan encompass them, too. It is for all My creation. Don't worry that you don't understand how all that will work out. Just remember that I am loving, I am good, and I am just. Don't put your confidence in any other. It will be okay."

    How often I find myself praying that His comfort will surround others in such a way that they would say, "The only explanation for my peaceful heart is the greatness of our God." When we were children, we sang, "Jesus loves me, this I know...." Really, is there anything more that we truly need to know?

    From our vantage point resting in His love, may we look for and see His grand and glorious hand at work all around us.

    TueTuesdayNovNovember8th2011 Families, food, and fellowship
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    This weekend was a good weekend for the youth and family ministry.

    On Saturday evening, a number of parents and young people took advantage of the gorgeous fall weather and gathered out at the home of Larry and Robin Clark for a fun and relaxing family bonfire. We enjoyed the essentials: hot dogs, s’mores, and football. But we also enjoyed the opportunity to connect as families, encourage and catch up with one another, and benefit from the fellowship that comes with being a “family of families” in the local church. What a blessed truth, that no Christian parent is a lone ranger in the task of raising teenagers! Our time together on Saturday was living proof of this.

    And then on Sunday evening, a group of high school students headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat some food, play some trivia, watch some football, and laugh at Evan Briggs and Bjorn Nielsen as they tried (with tear-filled eyes) to eat the hottest wings that the restaurant had to offer. You may not be aware of this, but it is a standing tradition for our high school students to go somewhere after Family Gathering to hang out and eat together. We call it “Dinner After,” and each month it’s an encouragement so see the students enjoying one another’s company around a table of food. Not only does this help develop Christ-centered friendships among peers, but it also emphasizes the importance of being together with the church body at the monthly Family Gathering times.

    Please be praying for the young people of our church and their families. One of the primary ways that God advances the gospel from generation to generation is through the agency of faithful parents. This is no small responsibility! So the parents of KSBC need much prayer and encouragement as they daily strive to lead their children into an encounter with Jesus Christ. And the teenagers of our church need much prayer as they grow in their understanding of the Scriptures and the Savior who is revealed therein.

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