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    ThuThursdaySepSeptember21st2017 New Member Spotlight (9/21/2017)
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    The Membership Ministry Team would like to welcome Bradford Testin as our newest KSBC member. Bradford was voted in as a Watchcare Member at our Sept 17 KSBC Worship Service.

    Bradford is from Indianapolis, Indiana and has been attending KSBC since January 2017 and he is currently a sophomore at Purdue University working toward his degree in Mechanical Engineering.

    Bradford is a regular attendee and involved with SLCF. He is in Stephen Weinkauf's POD and will be helping this fall with AWANA. Bradford is joining as a Watchcare Member and he will maintain his full membership at Castleview Church in Indianapolis.

    Please introduce yourself as you see Bradford and welcome him as the newest member of the KSBC Family.

    ThuThursdaySepSeptember18th2014 Welcome the World
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    [Editor’s Note:  Nine people from Ohio and Pennsylvania came to Crosswalk Commons for a cross-cultural short-term service opportunity at the end of July. This report is from one of the participants in this year’s team, Joy Brandt from Ohio. Would you consider participating with next year’s team?]

    My sister, my brother, and I had the privilege of being a part of Welcome the World 2014 at Purdue University this past summer. There are 8,700 international students at Purdue University from 125 different countries. About 70 or so of the international students stay at Crosswalk Commons, which is a residence community on the Purdue campus.

    As a part of Welcome the World we stayed at Crosswalk Commons and interacted with the students living there. A typical day started with breakfast at 8:00 a.m. followed by a Bible study. The purpose of our stay at Crosswalk was to help get the rooms ready for the new students coming in the fall. The Welcome the World missions group split up into two teams and went to work. A typical work day was spent cleaning the rooms from top to bottom. We scrubbed the bathrooms, the kitchen and appliances, the bedrooms, and the living rooms. Think of a good old fashioned spring cleaning and that’s what we did to several rooms every day. The Crosswalk Commons rooms were not all empty so we got to meet some of the students who are living there. When the work day was done we would listen to a presentation by one of the students about their country before we had our supper.

    We all greatly enjoyed our time helping prepare the Commons for the international students. Before this missions trip we had never spent much time with people from different countries. It was very rewarding to know we had done some much needed work for Crosswalk and we were blessed in in the process by making new friends and learning about the world.

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